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That sword, the mace, the crown shall sleep so soundly as the wretched slave.


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"That sword, the mace, the crown imperial shall sleep so soundly as the wretched slave."


Dominion Day 1999

06 Apr 2002

The Canadian Flag
God Save The Queen

This weekend, the citizens of Canada and those in the colonies overseas join together to celebrate Dominion Day. And while naysayers suggest caution in these times, the reality is that the future has never looked brighter. What can Citizens of the Dominion expect in the upcoming year? In keeping with the tradition of making Dominion Day predictions, The Front Page presents a few of its own here.

The TransCanada Wireless Network

Look for the eastern and western segments of the TransCanada Wireless Network to be joined late this fall. Project managers have recently moved their estimates of the completion date up from Q1 2000 due to unexpected savings introduced by the five and one-half times zones which it spans.

Anegada Joins The Dominion

While it's usually bad luck to speak about deals before they are closed, we at The Front Page look forward to the inclusion Anegada (late of the British Virgin Islands) in the Greater Dominion. Talks have been ongoing in Ottawa and The Settlement since late last year, and despite one deadline after another having come and gone, both sides are still optimistic.

Fuel Cells Breathe New Life Into Aging Airship Fleet

The Canadian Navy's aging fleet of AeroKing dirigibles are given a new lease on life thanks to use of new fuel cell technology currently under development by Ballard Power Systems of Vancouver, B.C. The air ship fleet has been a sore point for the federal government since making an election promise not to replace the AeroKings with modern equipment. Some of the fleet have been in service since the early 1960's doing coastal search-and-rescue missions.

That's what we see in our crystal ball. What do you see in yours?

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