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That sword, the mace, the crown shall sleep so soundly as the wretched slave.


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"That sword, the mace, the crown imperial shall sleep so soundly as the wretched slave."


Who Can Turn The World On With Her Smile?

06 Apr 2002

Every now and then I obsess over the theme music from The Mary Tyler Moore Show -- the version from the second season with the syrup laden violin sting. I'm not really sure why. Maybe it's the way it encapsulates just about everything I remember about the early 1970's in Toronto -- the way it was always raining or drizzling. Or muggy and bright. One of the two. Actually, the thing that most comes to mind when I hear this is knowing that it was bed time. Sometimes I'd already be in bed, and would hear the music from the living room where my parents had the TV set on. Why don't you give the melancholy strains a listen yourself; click on the link below and close your eyes. Where does it take you?

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