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That sword, the mace, the crown shall sleep so soundly as the wretched slave.


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"That sword, the mace, the crown imperial shall sleep so soundly as the wretched slave."


New Books Section

06 Apr 2002

In honour of Chinese New Year, The Front Page is pleased to inaugurate a new section, BOOKS. In it, you can find snazzy pictures of dust jackets and the nefarious conditions under which we acquired each volume in The Front Page's voluminous library. Straight dope, stripped of the usual any marketing hype. And you know what else you won't find here? Reviews. We just buy the books, we don't read them. Not all of them anyway. It turns out that our greatest pleasure is hunting them down, cornering them on a shelf in a dimly lit bookshop, and netting them when they're not looking.

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