I Am Not A Seat Number

My Worldwide Tour of England, March 1998

A Word Before The Words

Congratulations, (your name here), you've found a transcription of my journal from my trip to England in March 1998. If you've read my previous opus, The Occupied England Tour, you'll already be familiar with the maddenly childish and superficial way I describe my trips abroad. If you haven't read the OET, you'll have nothing to compare this with.

What follows is a faithful electronic version of my daily log book. It contains scanned images of very mundane things like British Rail tickets, actual photographs taken by me, and silly doodles I made while sitting in airport lounges. You'll also find insightful commentary on England itself, and in particular, London, Camberley, Devon, Glastonbury, and to some extent the nature of Canadian politics and why we like to take vacations anyway.

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