Toronto International Film Festival 1998


  After rather a lot of deliberation, I decided to go to the Film Fest again this year. The whole thing was up in the air because at the end of the 1997 festival, I had resolved to never go again. But time changes opinions, and really, I didn't have much else to do, other than work, and there will always be work.

Unlike last year, I'm going more or less on my own this go round. Movie-going companions of yesteryear, Dave, Alexa, and Sunny did not attend this year. Dave did actually plan to go, and made it out to a couple of films. Five, I think. Harry went at night, and Mom and Scott went during the day. I think without having any tangible social commitments, I was free to say woosy things like "I'm tired and I want to go home," without any guilt whatsoever (though I never actually did.)

Also unlike last year, I decided to rate the films this year. Shucking the previous schemes, I have resorted to the University of Waterloo co-op evaluation system. When I have co-ops (students) working for me, I have to fill out some nasty paperwork to rate their performance. There are some truly bizarre metrics (e.g. grooming), while others are quite normal but are weighed very oddly. One of these is the student's overall performance which is geared to having you say only excellent things about them, lest you give them a poor rating which would hinder their future job prospects. So, adapted to films, this year's ratings are as follows:

This film walks on water. A short essay is required to award this rating, and the film should be eligible for a cash prize.
The film performed above expectations and was better than most others.
The film met expectations, worked well with others, showed good judgement.
The movie started on time, had the usual number of problems, did not detract from other films seen that day.
Do not rescreen this movie. I'm sorry I went. It would have been better to stay home and do the vacuuming.

You can read the diary in chronological order, or you can see the films listed by rating, or you can see them listed A-Z. Take your pick:

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