APPENDIX I: Support Issues

If you have a suggestion how we can make TTE a better product, we would love to hear from you. You can send your suggestions to Product Support.

Platform Configuration

TTE--A TrueType Explorer is compatible with the following operating systems:

Hardware Compatibility

The Matrox Millennium I video card with driver 3.30 requires the following registry value to be set to 0:


The Matrox G400 video card at 1600x1200 resolution may cause cells in the Code Page Coverage screen to not refresh correctly. To fix, please try a lower screen resolution (eg. 1280x1024).

To Submit a Product Suggestion or Bug Report

All software contains some bugs, which is why service packs, service releases, patches and upgrades are provided by software vendors, usually from their support web sites. TTE is no exception to this rule. There are two kinds of bugs you may rarely encounter when using TTE:

1. a debug assertion occurs when the debug version of TTE (which is named TTE_dbg.exe and can be run manually from the TTE installation directory) identifies an internal inconsistency. If this happens, a dialog box similar to the figure below pops up:

Figure 29: Debug Assertion Dialog

If you encounter this error, please email us the File: and Line: information reported in the dialog.

Usually, you can just press the Ignore button to continue. This may cause another debug assertion dialog to appear. You can either continue pressing the Ignore button, or just press the Abort button to terminate TTE.

2. A fatal error will either crash TTE or make it inoperable. If this happens, a dialog box similar to the figure below pops up:

Figure 30: Fatal Error Dialog

If this happens, and you want to report this incident to us, try to identify the sequence of events that led to the crash. Then report this sequence to us, so that we can fix the error and provide you with a service pack.