100,000,000 fonts canít be wrong!

Your collection of TrueType fonts may number into the hundreds or even thousands. You may have installed a few of them just to see what they looked like, and then consequently uninstalled those that were of no use to you. Exploring a CD-ROM sized collection of fonts this way (install, use, uninstall) is impractical and not something you can do in an evening or two.

So, your collection of fonts now sits on a shelf collecting dust, likely never to be seen again. Perhaps these abandoned fonts are of no value to you, but you cannot be sure. There is a good chance that your orphaned collection of fonts contains a few gems--fonts that can give your web page or document that special look, support a particular language, etc. Until you look, you do not really know.

What you need is a tool to search and explore

This Userís Guide provides an introduction to TTE--A TrueType Explorer. TTE is a productivity tool for the Windows platform you can use to search through your collection of fonts and explore those of interest to you. It can offer you a perspective into your font collection unavailable from any other tool.

This User's Guide assumes that you have some experience using Microsoft Windows. In particular, you should know how to launch a program from the Start menu, use a mouse to select items from menus, dialogs, etc. If you are unsure of how to perform these activities, please consult the User's Guide that came with your Windows license.

Section 1 welcomes you to our product and describes the philosophy behind how we developed TTE.

Section 2 introduces the features of the TTE Main Window, which you interact with to search and explore fonts.

Section 3 and Section 4 present a feature-by-feature overview of how you can search and explore fonts with TTE.

Section 5 shows you how to locate uninstalled TrueType fonts on your computer's drives (hard disk, CD-ROM, network, etc) and how to add them to the TTE Font Desktop for you to explore.

Appendix I discusses software and hardware related issues that affect the operation of TTE.

This User's Guide just scratches the surface of fonts, typography and TrueType, so refer to Appendix II for a list of Internet sites that offer more information about these subjects.