Introduction To TTE


Thank you for choosing TTE--A TrueType Explorer. We hope you will find TTE to be a powerful, unique and versatile tool.

TTE is a font tool for searching and exploring TrueType fonts. TTE works with fonts installed on your computer. TTE also works with fonts that are not installed on your computer, which may reside on your computer's drives (hard disk, CD-ROM, network, etc). TrueType fonts of any size or quantity--installed or not--are available for you to search and explore with TTE.

TTE is like a font-smart Internet search engine with an efficient Internet browser. However, with TTE the world you explore consists of TrueType fonts.

TTE uses no operating system (e.g. Microsoft Windows) specific font services to gather information about a font. TTE accesses font files directly (i.e. files with a TTF extension), navigates their internal structures and extracts what it needs. For example, TTE lets you explore all characters in a font by their native Unicode code values. TTE bypasses all code page translations imposed by Windows, and offers you a platform-neutral view of the font's characters and other properties.

Our Philosophy

Any software development project involves tradeoffs. The final product can be robust or it can be feature-rich, but rarely both. The guiding principle for the development of TTE favors robustness.

Any product feature we add to TTE

The following technologies and methodologies help us ensureTTE remains a robust product: