SECTION 2: The TTE Main Window

When started, the TTE main window will appear as follows:

Figure 3: The TTE Main Window (Web-Page Style)

The TTE main window defaults to a web-page style, and consists of the following four panes:

The active pane that greets you when you launch TTE is the Font Desktop. It contains the set of TrueType fonts installed on your computer. The Font Desktop is where you begin your search and exploration of TrueType fonts.

The web-page style automatically resizes the four panes as you resize the main window, in order to provide the most space for the active pane. You cannot resize each pane independently.

You can switch the main window from the default web-page style to a non web-page style, which consists of the active pane expanded to occupy the entire main window. Select View -> as Web Page from the TTE menu bar to toggle between these two styles. The following figure shows the main window with a non web-page style:

Figure 4: The Main Window (Non Web-Page Style)

Active Pane Display Modes

The items in the active pane can appear in one of four modes: Large Icons, Small Icons, List and Details. You can change the mode by selecting the appropriate option under View on the TTE menu bar. The default mode is Large Icons.

The Details mode displays items in a row/column format: each item occupies one row; each attribute occupies one column. This row/column arrangement resembles a database table, and is suitable for searching through a large set of items by their attribute value.

Please continue with Section 3 for an introduction to the Font Desktop and how it can help you identify fonts to explore.