SECTION 5: Finding Uninstalled TrueType Fonts

There are many sources of TrueType fonts. One source is the Internet, where myriad web sites offer TrueType fonts for almost every occasion. (See Appendix II for a list of web sites to visit that offer free fonts.) Another source includes uninstalled fonts that may reside on your computer's drives or application CD-ROMs. Finding these uninstalled fonts for you to explore is the subject of this section.

When you start TTE, the Font Desktop displays all TrueType fonts installed on your computer. Fonts that have not been installed but still reside on your computer's drives or application CD-ROMs will not automatically appear on the Font Desktop.

A TrueType font is simply a file with a TTF extension (e.g. ARIAL.TTF). Windows provides a Search tool that can help you to find files of any type. You can use this tool to discover uninstalled TrueType font files on your computer.

You launch the Search tool from the Start button as shown below:

Figure 26: Launching the Search Tool

The Search tool pops up the following window:

Figure 27: File Search Tool Window

Enter *.TTF in the Search for files or folders named: field, and select the letter of the drive to search in the Look in: field. In the example above, all local hard drives will be searched. Then press the Search Now button. All TrueType files found will be displayed in the right portion of the window, as shown in the figure below:

Figure 28: Search Tool Window (Results)

In the figure above, 384 TrueType fonts were found. To explore any of these fonts with TTE, simply select the desired fonts from the right portion of the window, and then drag and drop them onto the Font Desktop. (See Section 3 for more information about Drag & Drop.) The fonts added to the Font Desktop are now available for you to explore.

Note: If you search the drive where your operating system is installed, usually C:, you will find a list of fonts in a folder named something similar to C:\Windows\Fonts. These are installed fonts and automatically appear on the Font Desktop when you start TTE. For the purposes of this section, these fonts can be ignored.