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Dance Events Summer 2003

Recent Events
Outing for Salsa-Nightclub students Fri Aug 29
Outing for Latin-Ballroom students Fri Aug 22
Outing for Swing students Fri Aug 22
Outing for Salsa-Nightclub students Aug 15
DanceSport Competition on TV
Outing for Salsa-Nightclub Fri July 25
Beach Party for Dancers Sat July 19
Outing for Salsa-Nightclub Mon July 14
Outing for Salsa-Nightclub Sat July 5
Outing for Salsa-Nightclub Fri June 20
Hot Summer Solstice Party Fri June 20

Outing for Salsa-Nightclub students Fri 2003-08-29

There is an outing this Fri Aug 29 to a new Salsa place called "Salsa on the DanS4th" at the "Red Violin" restaurant, 95 Danforth Ave. Music starts at 8pm. There are some demonstrations around 10pm and a live band approximately 10:15pm.

Outing report: Despite it being a long-weekend, there were 29 Toronto Dance students and 4 of their friends.

Outing for Latin-Ballroom students Fri 2003-08-22

There is an outing for Latin-Ballroom students/dancers for Fri Aug 22. Click on Violetta's Dance Place for details and directions.

There is a beginner's lesson included at 7:45pm (arrive 7:30pm) taught by one of our instructors, Chuan Chee. The lesson is a quick review of Waltz, Foxtrot, Cha Cha, Rumba, and Jive. Included are cookies, cake, tea, coffee. The cost is $10/p.

Outing report: There were 22 Toronto Dance students and guests and 5 of their friends.

Outing for Swing students Fri 2003-08-22

This is an outing for the Toronto Dance students taking Swing. One of our instructors, Lynn Wilsher, is teaching Hustle at a Toronto Swing Dance Society event.

Click on Argonaut Rowing Club Banquet Hall for event details, location, and directions.

Outing for Salsa-Nightclub students Fri 2003-08-15

There is an outing this Fri Aug 15 to Courthouse. Please check your emails for details.

DanceSport Competition on TV

dance competition in latin and ballroom
latin and ballroom dancers W Network TV has a three-part DanceSport TV special filmed at the SnowBall Classic competition held in Vancouver Feb 2003. The airing dates are:
  • Wed July 23 - IDSF International Open Latin Competition
  • Wed July 30 - IDSF International Open Standard Competition
  • Wed Aug 6 - 2003 IDSF World 10-Dance Championship
All shows air at 10-11 pm Eastern (7 pm Pacific) Time on W Network. In the Toronto (Rogers Cable) area, it is on cable channel 27.

Outing for Salsa-Nightclub Fri 2003-07-25

Join us for a Salsa-Nightclub outing downtown on Fri July 25. Check your emails for more information. Location: Babalúu (136 Yorkville Ave). Arrive before 9pm.

Outing report: We had a successful evening with around 30 Toronto Dance students and 10 of their guests. We made the place over-crowded. We definitely need to find a larger venue.

Beach Party for Dancers Sat 2003-07-19

Now that the warm weather has arrived, enjoy an afternoon at a beach park with food and games provided. You can even rent a canoe or row boat (reserve it early in person to avoid disappointment).

map to Sibbald Point The location is Sibbald Point Park which has a nice beach on Lake Simcoe. The food consists of hotdogs, hamburgers, salads, and pop. The games consist of volleyball, shoe toss, water balloon toss, "Latin In The Lake", and tug of war. There will be some children games also.

It will run from noon to 6pm. The cost is only $5/person (FREE for children age 16 or younger). If you are bringing children, please indicate their ages and whether they are male/female. Unfortunately parking is $12/car so please carpool. Those who don't have transportation please contact us so we can arrange rides with other people. Those with transportation who are willing to offer rides please contact us also with the number of extra people you can carry.

The $5/person cost is non-refundable and must be paid ahead. We will try to refund the money if someone wants to go last-minute without a reservation so their $5 can be returned to you. This event is hosted by Dance Club Blue Silver.

driving map to Sibbald Point Driving Directions: Drive north on DVP/404 almost to the end (approx. 34 km north of 401). Turn east/right on Hwy 31 and drive approx. 14 km. Turn north/left on Hwy 48 and drive approx. 23 km. Hwy 48 will curve east/right and drive until the next intersection. Turn north/left on Park Rd or Road 18 (there may be a sign saying Sibbald Point Provincial Park). You will see the park on your right. Drive in until you reach the parking attendant. Pay $12/car and get a map of the park. The Dance Club Blue Silver party/picnic will be at site #6 (which might be just straight ahead until you hit the end of the road). Keep in mind the parking attendant will not know about Toronto Dance. It will take you approx. 1 hour from 401 and DVP/404.

Outing report: The weather was quite good (a little bit on the cool side in the shade). One Toronto Dance couple was third in the water balloon toss.

Outing for Salsa-Nightclub Mon 2003-07-14

Join us for a Salsa-Nightclub outing to Alleycatz on Mon July 14. There are no Salsa-Nightclub classes on Mon July 14 at Estonian House. Instead we are planning an outing for you to practice what you've learned.

Alleycatz is 2 blocks north of Eglinton Ave on Yonge St. The exact address is 2409 Yonge St. If you go there between 9 and 11pm, it is free. It will cost you $5 before 9pm and after 11pm. Dress code is casual.

Outing Report: There were approximately 50 people from Toronto Dance and 10 friends. The manager of the club thanked us for bringing so many people because there are usually less than 40 people there and so we more than doubled the number of people.

Outing for Salsa-Nightclub Sat 2003-07-05

Join us for a Salsa-Nightclub outing on Sat July 5 9pm at Lula Lounge, 1585 Dundas St. W. (west of Dufferin). There is a lesson included 9-10pm. There is a great live band. It is a large 1500 sq ft dance floor and is non-smoking. The cost is $10/person.

If you arrive for dinner before 8pm and eat a minimum of $15, you get the dance admission for free. Check the Lula Lounge website for a map and a dinner menu.

When you arrive at Lula Lounge, please check in with Jean or Chuan so that we know you are there (the floor is large) and can introduce you to other Toronto Dance students (Toronto Dance has 4 different Salsa classes per week).

Outing Report: There were 36 people from Toronto Dance and 10 friends. Everyone enjoyed the place, the non-smoking, and especially the great live band, CaCHé. Thank you Jean for knowing that CaCHé was a good band and hence selecting this specific outing (Lula Lounge has different bands rotating through there all the time). They were very entertaining on stage.

Outing for Salsa-Nightclub Fri 2003-06-20

Join us for a Salsa-Nightclub outing on Fri June 20 at El Rancho. There is a dance lesson on the upstairs floor at approximately 8:30-9:30pm. If you go for the lesson, it will cost you $9 (as far as we can tell). Ladies get in for $1 after 9:30pm and before 10:30pm. To be safe, you may want to print the coupon. The coupon is a little misleading. Men always pay $9 (so men should arrive 8:30pm for the lesson).

El Rancho is at 430 College St (north-east corner of College and Bathurst). Public parking is available at the south-west corner of College and Bathurst.

Toronto Dance students are invited to dance on the lower floor (fewer people, less intimidating, less smoking). Sharon, your instructor, will be there. Chuan and Jean will arrive later (before 10:00pm?).

Outing report: We had a great turn-out of 30 people. Now everyone wants go have weekly outings on Fri and Sat!

Hot Summer Solstice Party Fri 2003-06-20

Summer Solstice Party Join a Hot Summer Solstice Party outdoors at the Scarborough Bluffs. There will be an exciting flamenco concert by Borg & Vella and a latin demo (Cha Cha, Rumba, Jive) and a Merengue lesson by Toronto Dance.

The event is on Fri June 20 6-10pm at 1859 Kingston Rd (east of Birchmount Rd). Click here for more details.

The entire evening was fantastic: the weather, the band, the demo in hot costumes, the dance lesson, the free food, etc.

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