Making A Rim Form

The rim form is a thick wooden circle around which you can bend a plank into shape. It's basically a disc eighteen inches wide by four or five inches high. Because it's hard to get a four or five inch thick piece of wood with that diameter, it's easier to just cut two eighteen inch circles out of half-inch or quarter-inch plywood and then sandwich a cross of two-by-four inch beams in between them.

Cut a few holes in the top circle (and the bottom if you wish). These holes will provide C-clamps with a place to anchor when you need to hold a freshly bent plank around the mould.

*Diagram of a wooden form*

If you don't want to use clamps, you can use pegs and wedges, as in the diagram below. First you insert a peg into a hole, then use a wooden wedge to hold that portion of the plank in place, bend a little more, add another peg and wedge, and so on. In this case, you will not have to cut holes in the form.

peg-wedge method of securing bodhran rim

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