Precision is an important element in the realization of clockwork, be it made of steel, brass or wood. Tools and methods of manufacturing must therefore be elaborated to meet high precision criteria and to meet the characteristics and limits of wood. The wheels are crafted out of wild cherry tree wood and the pivots are made of maple or other hard woods.

The wood must be chosen and treated to minimize the risks of distortion or swelling caused by dampness and also to control the wear resulting from friction. Other materials apart from wood are used to respect the high precision criteria and reduce friction to a minimum.

For example, the pivot's brass axis rotate on polymer bushings highly resistant to wear that sometimes outlive the durability of some materials used in conventional modern clockwork. That system ensure longevity and precision.

The dial could be an authentic stained glass made according to the state of the art adding a touch of originality and aesthetics, or made out of real wood. Each clock is a challenge of fine details and aesthetics, the result of a lengthy reflection and a privileged work with wood.


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