Tribute to Paul-Arthur Demers

Founding President of

“L’Association des familles Demers”



Paul-Arthur joined his creator and perhaps also caught up with his ancestor Jean Dumay. Throughout his lifetime, he was fascinated with the idea of finding his roots. In 1949 he had already contacted the city of Dieppe looking for information concerning his origins and again in 1992 he was writing to La Haye, in the Netherlands looking for possible relatives.


For many years, he searched incessantly to complete his family tree as well as that of his lifetime companion, Blanche. When he discovered that Jean Demers had built a house in Quebec’s Petit Champlain district and that the house bore someone else’s name he could not rest until he was able to have it recognized as being the Demers home. That same house now has historical status. Paul-Arthur installed at his own expense a commemorative plaque on the house. He also installed a plaque on the land of Étienne Dumay, at Cap Rouge.

His love for history was so deep that he wrote to Pierre Trudeau’s sons to inform them that he had located their first ancestor at the beginning of the colony.

His research efforts were thorough. He was able to determine that Madonna is a Demers through her mother’s bloodline and informed her of this when he invited her to the “grand rassemblement” of 1997

His research efforts and his experience as a lawyer guided him to dig deeper into the legal documents of the early settlement to discover that Jean Dumay was indeed a feisty fellow. The number of causes where he had been involved were very numerous. Nowadays, he would make the headline news on a regular basis ! Paul-Arthur felt that his ancestor was indeed a great litigator.

His vision expanded far and wide. He wanted all Demers to be aware of their roots and determined that the way to achieve this was to create an association regrouping people who wished to fraternize and share their knowledge of their common roots. He achieved that first goal in 1990 when 19 people first meet at Paul-Arthur’s calling to found our Association. This achievement was a source of great pride for him. We owe Paul-Arthur our very first steps and must now continue in the path he set for us.

Paul-Arthur was a very colorful individual. He would rush in, he was talkative, perseverant, jolly and expressed his ideas impetuously.

Paul-Arthur, we thank you for your contribution and support to our great family. Each and every Demers will be forever grateful to you. Please protect our Association, bring peace and harmony to all our members.

From all the Demers cousins.

Alain Demers

Paul- André Demers

President of “l’Association des familles Demers”