School and Community Readings/Workshops

School and Community Readings/Workshops

If you would like Peggy to visit your school or library, please email her from the Feedback page for rates and further information.

Educators should be assured that both Peggy’s presentations provide opportunities for learning; they are not just entertainment. Peggy is a retired librarian, with many years’ experience in talking with children and in nurturing a love of reading and writing.

  1. Talks and Readings

    Grades 4-6. Maximum 70 students. 45-60 minutes.

    These presentations usually begin with a selected reading from Peggy’s latest book, although she will adapt the presentation to suit any theme (literacy, Education Week). She tells how she started writing as a child and where story ideas come from. Among the visuals are examples of the various stages in a book’s development—from first, handwritten draft to the finished product. Peggy encourages feedback from the children and likes to end with Q & A. She provides bookmarks, posters and teacher handouts of classroom activities and ideas for further discussion.


  2. Storywriting Workshops

Grades 4-8. Maximum 30 students. 90-120 minutes.

These are hands-on workshops with activities that include looking for story ideas, using the senses, developing characters, choosing colourful verbs, writing effective openings, using dialogue, writing fiction from truth and a look at story structure. Student handouts are provided.

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