Sky Lake SummerSky Lake Summer - Napoleon Publishing

ISBN 0929141644
Copyright 1999
Cover Illustration by Alan Barnard


The girls circled the inside perimeter slowly, reverently, reaching out every now and then to touch the cool stones.

"Nell said the house burned down." Corrie was the first to break the silence. "Away up here though, who could've helped them put the fire out?" She stopped, clapping a hand over her mouth. "Oh, Jane! You don't suppose Eugenie and her baby died here?"

Jane looked up, suddenly chilled, expecting to see that the sun had gone behind a cloud. But the afternoon sky was as clear as it had been all day.

"Jane, where are you going?" Corrie whirled around as Jane hurried past her and out through the front doorway. She caught up with her outside. "Are you okay? You look kind of funny."

"I'm okay," said Jane cautiously, because the uneasiness, which had made her flee the house, was still upon her. She lowered herself onto the rock and wrapped her arms around her knees, hugging them to her, shivering uncontrollably.


"A satisfying mystery for the upper elementary crowd...The dialogue among the young people in this book is entirely natural and will make readers nod in agreement over parental protectiveness and the torture of being left out...Sky Lake Summer is a good novel for the late elementary student who is past reading formula mystery series but is not quite ready for more mature themes or language."
The Manitoba Library Association. April, 2000

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