The Path Through the Trees

ISBN 1894917219
Copyright 2005
Cover Illustration by Patty Gallinger


Norah took a quick step away from the window where she'd been surveying the yard and nearly collided with Aunt Caroline, who chose that exact moment to come through the swinging door from the kitchen.
"My goodness!" exclaimed the woman, irritable, "Don't jump out at me like that!"

"Sorry," said Norah. "I was just looking at your backyard. For a minute, I thought I saw someone out there." After a second glance she wasn't so sure.

"I doubt it," Aunt Caroline sniffed. "No one comes out this far, especially in the rain."

Great Aunt Caroline wiped her hands on the striped apron she wore and reached behind the drapes to switch off the outside lights. Immediately, the scene beyond the window jumped back, leaving only their reflections in the glass and that of the room around them.

Could Norah have imagined the boy she saw standing there? She had only seen him for a moment. But why would her eyes play tricks on her?

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