Trouble at Turtle NarrowsThe Deep End Gang - Napoleon Publishing

ISBN 978-1-894917-71-1
Copyright 2008
Cover Illustration by Emma Dolan


I decided to stop in at Dad's store to see if he was ready to leave. Stepping inside, I thought at first that the place was empty, but then I heard voices coming from the workshop in the back. It was the tone of those voices that alerted me to trouble.

One of the speakers was my father; I didn't recognize the other man's voice. There was a hard edge to it, though. You could tell he meant business.

“Look,” Dad was saying, “we agreed that's how I'd pay you. Have I ever been late with a payment?”

“The situation has changed,” the other man said gruffly.

I hesitated, my hand still on the door handle. Should I leave? I was sure this was a private conversation, but if my dad was in some sort of trouble, I felt I should know about it.

“Please don't do this,” I heard my father say. “Our arrangement has always worked well. We've never had any trouble, have we?”

“I need the rest of the money,” the other man said. “It's as simple as that. And I need all of it.”

“But I just can't!” my dad argued. “My wife and I have just bought a house. We were counting on the arrangement between you and me to continue as it always has. You never gave me any indication before this..”

“Thirty days,” the man said, his voice like coarse sandpaper.



"Being homeless is not something a thirteen-year-old aspires to. "Trouble at Turtle Narrows" is a young adult novella following Joel Osler. His family is blessed with a new home and dog, but chaos soon shows up to screw up Joel's life. Joel has to save his family, his home, and his dog, or his life won't ever be the same. "Trouble at Turtle Narrows" is a fine novel for preteens, sure to entertain and encourage literacy."
Midwest Book Review


"... Just when thirteen-year-old Joel Osler feels that the pieces of his life are finally falling into place, everything begins to come apart. ... As (Joel) and his friends embark on a mission to save (his father's) name, they find themselves in a variety of threatening situations that are sure to enthrall any mystery lover.
Peggy Dymond Leavey's Trouble at Turtle Narrows is a fast-paced novel that will captivate readers."

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