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The Cabbage of Paradise
Adobe Acrobat DocumentIn Colin Morton's poetic portrait of the German collage artist Kurt Schwitters, the artist assembles in his studio the scraps of cloth, board, paper, porcelain and other found items into designs that transform the mundane into forms that are moving, inspiring, even beautiful:
"My glue pot heating on the stove
smells like the cabbage of paradise."

To read more about Schwitters, and Morton's literary exploration of his life and work, click here. Or read Morton's essay "Kurt Schwitters at Zero Gravity," first published in Musicworks.

Published in fall 2007 by Seraphim Editions, Cabbage of Paradise combines material from Colin Morton's long out-of-print collection The Merbook: Kurt Schwitters Poems with his concrete poems and dadaist-influence texts and collages. These dramatize and create dialogue with the German artist's life and with an aesthetic whose impact continues to be felt (e.g., in the bpNichol tradition in Canada). Morton's inventive treatment vividly illuminates the situation of art and the artist in both the last century and our own.

The Cabbage of Paradise includes the scores for sound poems like Primiti Too Taa and l'arrivée

Poet Douglas Barbour says this about the new edition: "How good to have a new version of Colin Morton's playful exploration of the life and work  of Kurt Schwitters back in a new and expanded edition. With 'trans-elations' of Schwitters's  own works, delightful examples of Morton's concrete and sound pieces, and an even tighter series of poems tracking Schwitters as he lived, loved, and created his many kinds  of Merz, The Cabbage of Paradise offers readers, new and old, an exciting engagement  with a powerful stream of twentieth century art."
 To own your own copy of The Cabbage of Paradise, order from Seraphim Editions (here is their
 fall 2007 catalogue), or directly from Colin Morton.