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New book, fall 2009


The Hundred Cuts: Sitting Bull and the Major

published by BuschekBooks


1877. An international diplomatic crisis faces the new Dominion of Canada. The celebrated and reviled warrior chief Sitting Bull has crossed the 49th parallel ahead of pursuing U.S. Army troops. Camped near Wood Mountain just north of the border, he asks for asylum in Canada for himself and thousands of his Sioux and Cheyenne followers.

For Major James (Bob) Walsh, the North West Mounted Police officer responsible for peace, order and the semblance of government across a vast area of the northern plains, life has just become much more complicated.

In a series of scenes and monologues representing the many sides in this life-and-death confrontation, Colin Morton casts new light on a past whose consequences still demand attention. History, tragedy, poetry, story-telling—The Hundred Cuts: Sitting Bull and the Major reminds readers that we are all implicated in history, that the past is not gone. It is part of us.

So it is true what our fathers told us.

The buffalo is our only friend.

We are wrong to rely on any other.