Shelby Cobra Replica Information

The Cobra Replica shown on this page is a Factory Five Racing replica that I built (quite a while ago). To see a BRM (the 2nd Cobra I built), see the link just below:

Want to build a hard top for your Cobra!, go to this page: hardtop construction

BRM Cobra info and pictures: BRM construction .

To see what I bought after selling the 2nd Cobra, go to this link: Carrera .

These are some pictures of the Factory Five Racing Cobra Replica that I built a few years ago.

This is FFR1063K, the first FFR into Canada. I picked up the kit on 10th August 1996 and it was on the road 30th May 1998. It was built basically "stock". The only engine modification was a porting job on the heads. I put power steering in it ( after driving it for 1000kms and not liking the steering). I did not use the air pump or any other emission hardware.

Have you driven a Ford lately? Everything works OK, even the daytime running lights.This is the donor 1991 Mustang that I bought, and this is exactly how it was when I brought it home. No, I didn't actually drive it all the way home. It happened to have everything I needed, and not much else. The lack of body panels, glass, roof, and interior made it fairly easy to take out the parts that I needed. As you may be able to see, it had mismatched space-saver spare tires all around; all different sizes. They also didn't clear the calipers very well, so they were left loose (that's why they look a little misaligned!).

This is how you build a Cobra Replica in a single car garage; hang the body from the ceiling. The body on this particular FFR weighed 120 lbs with the doors, hood, and trunk. I weighed it at the body shop, with the seam filling done and a light coating of primer on it.

When all else fails, read the instructions. When even that fails, have your son read them!

This is the Amazing the attention these cars get at cruise nights.

This was at a car show at the GM Canadian headquarters in Oshawa. Mine, a white Johnex, and another FFR.

Somehow my racing buddy talked me into taking it to the track before I even had it on the road 1 month. This is at Dragway Park (Cayuga). Check the 1/4 mi time; not bad for a basically stock engine. The car weighed 2150 lbs, before I put in the power steering. The engine was right out of the donor car, no rebuilding, though it only had 57,000 kms on it.

I since sold the car and built another one (not a FFR).

I think the Factory Five product is very good. My personal experience was that the product was good, but the shipping/backorder/wrong stuff sent/being ignored until a few more emails are very annoying. Unfortunately this was recently reinforced when I ordered a soft top for the 2nd Cobra Replica I built. Anyways, I thought I'd give a Canadian company a try this time. Be sure to look at the link just below for info on the 2nd one that I built

Take a look at this link for some info and pictures of my 2nd Cobra; BRM construction

Or, to see what I bought to replace the 2nd Cobra, go to this link Carrera .

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If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write me at my email address.

Bolton, Ontario, Canada.