BRM Cobra Replica

This one is a BRM kit, made in Canada

I bought the kit in 2001 and took around 3 years to finish it (got interupted with another car project during the build). Some of the features that this car has:

5.0L (1990) rebuilt engine and rear axle; new seals and bushings in transmission
all new brake components
Flaming River manual rack and pinion steering complete with u-joint "rag joint" eliminator
3.55 rear end gears
FFR rear control arms
new front control arms and ball joints
adjustable coil-over shocks at all 4 locations
ceramic coated headers and side pipes
removable inserts in side pipes (in to reduce noise, out for maximum power)
Performer RPM heads
Performer RPM intake manifold
Road Demon carb with electric choke
Scorpion 1.72 roller rockers
Crane ignition box
interior insulation under carpets
heat and defrost
power footbox ventilation fans; one for each side
very comfortable Miata seats, with adjustable mounting rails
5-point racing harness for both driver and passenger
self-cancelling turn signals
Autometer Phantom gauges (white faces that glow sort of red at night; looks really cool)
electrical speedometer (in KPH)
soft top with side windows (all fits in trunk for when the weather is cooperating)
2 speed windshield wipers
master battery cut-off switch
basecoat/clearcoat paint; Ford SVO bright blue metallic with light silver stripes

Here are some pictures:

You can see from this shot that I didn't use the front "quick jacks". I wanted a clean look and I really like the way this came out. Of course I have the quick jacks and the mounting hardware and they could be added. The wheels are a Cobra R replica.

This shot shows the engine. The large hose behind the engine carries air from the heater over to the driver's footbox. Those familiar with the 5.0L engine will notice that I eliminated the huge, ugly stock alternator mount and serpentine belt tensioning system. This give a much cleaner look to the engine area, and takes some weight out.

You can see the Miata seats in this shot. Also some details like the defroster vents, the rod that the mirror is mounted to, and the dash layout.

You can see that I did use the quick jacks on the rear (they are ceramic coated like the side pipes). I figured that there was more chance that someone would run into me than I would run into someone, so a little added protection on the rear was a good thing. You can also see that the hood is hinged; a minor thing but on some Cobras it lifts off and then you have to find a place to put it (where it doesn't get stepped on or run over!). There is also a hood prop rod, and a trunk one as well.

This is to show the soft top in place. It fits fairly well, and has the side windows as well. The side windows are the hard plastic ones, not the soft plastic "zip in place" style. The rear half of the windows slide open for ventilation (or to reach in and open the door of course!) It all comes off and stores in the trunk, and there is even some room left in the trunk for a few more things!

I don't usually let people sit on the car, but I made an exception in this case. Just another view with the soft top in place

I sold this BRM Cobra Replica in the summer of 2005 since I was ready to move on to something else (not another Cobra Replica, 2 was enough for me!).

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