1987 Porsche Carrera

(This one is not a kitcar!)

I bought this Porsche Carrera in the summer of 2005, just after selling my BRM Cobra. I was thinking of getting something boring like a Vette, but fortunately came to my senses. There isn't much info here yet, just some pictures:

The car was so well looked after by the previous owner that it looks like it just came off the showroom floor! It is an absolute blast to drive. It is the most stable car "at speed" that I have ever driven.

Not too bad for 18 year old paint!

The previous owner did some mods to it. It has an aftermarket dual outlet exhaust, cat bypass pipe, and a performance chip to optimize those mods.

The stock wheel was replaced with a smaller one. Also, a few aluminum trim pieces were added.

So, 10,000 kms later, it still runs and drives great. Haven't quite owned this Porsche Carrera a year yet.

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