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This website is dedicated to making available my 20,000+ individual genealogy database; most of the individuals are Danish: approximately 80% of the individuals are from my mother's ancestral island of Bornholm, about 15% from other Danish regions (i.e. the counties of Præstø, Odense, Vejle), and the remainder (about 500) from Graubünden canton, Switzerland.

Let me introduce myself: my name is Norman Lee Madsen, and I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. My parents are Danes who emigrated to Canada soon after their marriage, which is where I was born and raised. I first became interested in my family's genealogy when my mother's uncle, Vilhelm Svendsen, sent her a book he had researched and published on my maternal grandmother's ancestry - I was 15 years old. It would be another 15 years before I took up the tasks of researching my father's ancestry and working with my Danish cousin's husband (and distant cousin to myself) Alex Larsen, further research my mother's ancestry. This task has been ongoing for almost 20 years, with further research and verification yet to be completed.

As for my own surname of Madsen, it has its origins with the birth of my great great grandfather Søren Madsen in 1839. Søren Madsen was the only child of Mads Sørensen (1810-1843) and Ane Sørensdatter (1814-1886) of Tudved, Ødsted parish, Vejle county. My great grandfather Søren Marius Sophus Madsen (1877-c.1955) was the only surviving child of Søren Madsen (1839-1919) and his wife Kristine Margrethe Sørensen (1846-c.1925). My grandfather Thomas Nørrelund Madsen (1901-1975) was the only child of Søren Marius Sophus Madsen and his wife Kirstine Nørrelund (1878-1934). So as a result of this string of only children the only direct patronymic line Madsen relations that I have are my siblings and the two children of my uncle, Hans Nørrelund Madsen (1924-1973).

The links: Download Database contains information about the structure and contents of my database - which is a completely interconnected family tree; and it is where you can download the GEDCOM-file database in zipped format. GEDCOM is a file format that can be imported by most commercially available genealogy software. Links contains links to the Danish, Swiss and other genealogy web sites that I have found the most useful. The Information for Genealogists page has information that I have gathered while doing my own research: such as what are the most useful types of sources, some aids for reading the old handwritten records, and Danish cultural information that I hope other researcher's will find helpful and interesting. Also my transcriptions: Bornholm's "Jordebøger" (Land Tenancy Books) for the years 1658, 1662, and 1689; the 1664 "Matrikel" (Land Registry) of Hindsgavl county; and the 1690 and 1722 pew price lists from the Rønne Kirkeregnskaber (Church Account Register). While Some Danish History has a concise history of Danmark and the Duchies of Schleswig and Holstein. I have put together a small Danish-English Dictionary of words that I have encountered again and again while doing my research - needless to say these are invaluable words to know. Under My Ancestors can be found an ahnentafel report on my own ancestry. Under Ancestral Arms can be found images of my ancestral coats of arms, seals, marks, and signatures. Under Extracted Records, Articles, etc. can be found transcriptions of Danish records and articles which I have extracted and translated. Comments and questions about website and genealogy research can be made on my Guestbook.

If you download my database it is with the understanding that you have agreed to the following conditions: 1) that the information found here in may not be sold commercially for a profit; 2) that the database as a whole, or significant portions thereof, may not be uploaded to bulletin boards, or any type of commercially available genealogy file libraries; 3) that the database, or significant portions thereof, may not be made available to others without this notice attached.

If you find information on your own ancestors within my database, you may take that information freely. I request that you do not distribute my database as a whole, or significant portions thereof. Please respect the time, effort, and care taken to build this database.

Send comments to: norman.madsen @ sympatico.ca
Norman Lee Madsen, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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