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Links to Some Useful Sites

Danish Sites:

Danish Demographic Database (DDD)
Search copies of transcribed parish census records. This is an ongoing project, so not all the cenuses have been transcribed - mainly the years 1787 and 1845.

Danish Demographic Database (DDD): 1771 census of taxpayers
Search the 1771 census of adult men or widows; note that only 7 counties were included.

Danish State Archives
The archive site has a some useful advice for genealogists researching their Danish ancestry.

A free online Danish-English word translation dictionary can be found at Freedict

A free online Danish dictionary can be found at Kalliope

A free online dictionary of Old Danish words can be found at Historisk Ordbog 1700-1950 (Note: this is a Danish language site.)

Another free online dictionary of Old Danish words can be found at Moths Ordbog omkring 1700. Matthias Moth's Dictionary is a historical dictionary of Danish circa 1700, both the spoken and the written language. Danish is the core of the dictionary but Danish words are accompanied by Latin equivalents. The dictionary contains 109,096 searchable headwords. It falls into two sections, a dictionary of ordinary words, and an encyclopedia.

Another free online dictionary of Old Danish words can be found at Renæssancens sprog i Danmark. A dictionary and text database of Danish and Latin for the period 1500-1700.

FamilySearch has a handy Movable Feast Day Calendar for Denmark.

My own list of Fixed Feast Days for Denmark.

DIS - Danmark: Computers in Genealogy Society of Denmark
Get in touch with other computer-using genealogists in Denmark. This site has a page with links to its members' home pages.

DIS - Danmark: Fæster og Skifter
A searchable database of the "fæter" (land transfers) and "skifter" (probates) registers for Odense, Ribe and Svendborg counties and "Gejstlige" (Ecclesiastic) lands.

Bornholmske Kirkebøger
This website has searchable extractions of Bornholm parish registers pre-1814. You can search a parish for: 1) All events (Alle); 2) Other miscellaneous events (Andet); 3) Burials (Begravelse); 4) Confirmations (Konfirmation); 5) Baptisms (Dåb); 6) A new mother's Introduction back to Church (Introduktion); 7) Notes - such as on adultry, thieft, etc.; 8) Notations on events outside the parish (Skrifte); 9) Betrothal (Trolovelse) - which includes the later date of their marriage (vielse).

Lars Lundin's GEDCOMP Matching Service
A free matching service for GEDCOMs with Danish and Swedish individuals.

Det Danske Udvandrerarkiv
The Danish Emigration Database contains information on individuals, resident in Denmark, who applied for emigration between the years 1868 and 1908.

Bornholm's Genealogy and Family History Archive

Bornholms Historie i Fotos
Bornholm's history in photos.

Arkivalier Online
The Danish State Archives Filming Centre is in the process of digitizing parish registers, census records, etc. in order to make them accessible free of charge via the Internet. The digitisation project is primarily accomplished through scanning of microfiches and microfilms. This it not yet complete, and there is no fixed timetable for the launch of each parish register and population census on the Internet. Note that this website is in Danish.

KinQuest provides an Enlish language guide to accessing Arkivalieronline.dk, as well as other useful information and links.

Bjarne Anker Kofoed's Genealogy Web Site on Bornholm
As I have shared my information on the Kofoed families with Bjarne, you will find some duplication of information; however his database contains additional information, i.e. American and Australian descendants, etc.

Hans Christian Andersen's Life and Works
This website is dedicated to Hans Christian Andersen, the famous Danish writer of children's fairy tales. I am including it here because of a small connection to my own family tree. After the death of Hans Christian Andersen's father, his mother, Anne Marie Andersdatter, married Niels Jørgensen Gunderse (1787-1822) - the son of my own ancestors Jørgen Nielsen Gunderse (born 1742 in Gundersøe, Ubberud parish) and Anne Laursdatter (born c.1750 in Skalbjerg, Vissenbjerg parish) of Odense; and brother to my ancestor Lars Christian Jørgensen (1783-1851). In other words, my great- great- great- great- granduncle was Hans Christian Andersen's step-father!

Ruth Madsen's Genealogy Page
Ruth Madsen provides a valuable research tool: click on "Dansk Kalender" for a calendar of Movable Feast Days, covering the period 1500-2099.

This Internet site's Denmark page provides Danish sources other than church records; it was originally developed by Gary Horlacher. Check out their resources for other countries.

Aneklubben Rundetaarn
This is a group of Danish genealogy enthusiasts is in the process of converting many Bornholmer records to computer format. My cousin's husband Alex Larsen is a member of this club. As is Jesper Vang Hansen, whose transcriptions of several of Bornholm's Tingbøger are very informative and helpful.

Bornholms Historiske Samfund
Bornholm's History Society's web site, the society issues a history oriented publication (in danish) called "Bornholms Samlinger" of interest to genealogists researching Bornholm.

Based in Kristianstad, Sweden, since 1986 MonitorFörlaget has published the yearbook SAXO, which examines the culture and history of "Skåneland". It contains articles on the south-western Swedish regions of Skåne, Blekinge, and Halland, and the Danish island/county of Bornholm.

Societas Heraldica Scandinavica
The Heraldry Society of Scandinavia has been publishing the journal Heraldisk Tidsskrift since 1960, and as such it is one of the oldest and most respected heraldic publications in the world.

Landbohistorisk Selskab
For those whose genealogy research has reached back to the early 1500s, the Landbohistorisk Selskab has a register of land-rights (adkomstregistrering) for the years 1513 through 1550.

Autoriserede Stednavne i Danmark
A list of places names and their respective parishes, great for figuring out in what parish small villages and farms-estates are located in. It can be downloaded as a PDF-file.

Krabsen Stednavnebase
You can search places names and their respective parishes using Krabsen.dk.

Stiftelsen Skånsk Framtid
The Region of Scania (Skåne) - facts and other information.

Kjøbenhavns Huse og Indvaanere Efter Branden 1728
From October 20th to the 23rd 1728 a fire burned much of the city of København, after which a census of the city's residents was taken on December 14th 1728. This site allows you to view a printed version of the census in the form of a book published in 1906.

Diplomatarium Danicum - Series 4, volume 8-12
Diplomatarium Danicum is a scholarly source edition of diplomas, i.e. documents with legal effect, relating to medieval Denmark. The present Internet publication comprises more than 3000 diplomas from 1401-1412, which can be searched and selected for display through an internet browser. The language of the original texts is, in most cases, medieval Latin, Danish, or German.

Salmonsens Konversationsleksikon is a Danish language encyclopedia published in various editions from 1893 to 1949:

Project Runeberg's digital edition of the 2nd edition (1915-1930).

LFL's Magazine Foundation's digital edition of the 4th edition (1949).

Sigvard Mahler Dams Slægtsside
Genealogist Sigvard Mahler Dam's personal website.

You will find many valuable Danish research resources on the genealogy website of Ole Laursen-Wadschier, i.e. scanned images of registers for many types of records: parish registers, probates, copyhold, burgher licenses, etc.

Genealogy Research Denmark
You will find many valuable Danish research resources on the genealogy website of Aurelia Clemons, i.e. extractions for many types of records: probates, parish registers, census, etc.

Wikipedia Danmark
The Danish language Wikipedia website has more, and more indepth, entries on Danish history, people and places, than the English language website.

The Copenhagen Post
Published weekly - on Fridays, The Copenhagen Post is Denmark's English language newspaper.

Swiss Sites:

Historisch Biografisches Lexikon der Schweiz

Swiss Genealogy on the Internet

Timothy Philipp's Graubünden Genealogy Page

FamSwiss: a WorldGenWeb Project Site

The Federation of East European Family History Societies

The Genealogy Network
The German Genealogy Pages section has links to german language related genealogy sites for Austria, Switzerland, and former German territories and settlements.

Genealogy Resource Sites on the Internet:

The L.D.S. Family History Resource Library's website FamilySearch
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has a genealogy oriented resource library in Salt Lake City, Utah, which is THE resource to use if you are interested in researching your family-roots.

You can search their Catalog for micro-film copies of parish registers, probate documents, censuses, etc. obtained from all over the world through a local L.D.S. genealogy library.

The FamilySearch website has a Denmark Page with a useful overview of Danish records, which can help you learn how to find, use, and analyze Danish records of genealogical value. The content is variously targeted to beginners, intermediate, and expert researchers.

The International Genealogy Index (IGI) is a collection of baptism and marriage records submitted by genealogy researchers, and by volunteers who have transcribed the information in many parish registers from around the world.

The L.D.S. Family Search Internet Genealogy Service allows you to search websites, the IGI, and the collection of family-trees that have been donated to the L.D.S. Family History Resource Library by genealogists.

Oxford Ancestors
Oxford Ancestors, backed by Oxford University, harnesses the power and precision of modern genetics in the service of genealogy. It is the first organisation in the world to offer DNA-based services in genealogy. MatriLine™ uses the proven power of mitochondrial DNA to probe into the deep past. Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA for short) is unique in being inherited exclusively through the maternal line, so revealing a female genealogy which has been virtually invisible up to now. I have availed myself of this service, which will reveal the maternal fore-mother of my maternal 9x great-grandmother Kirsten Mogensdatter (circa 1632-1723) of Tingfogedgård, the 33rd self-owner farm in Nylars parish, Bornholm. See my Database page for the results.

The Genographic Project
The National Geographic Society, IBM, geneticist Spencer Wells, and the Waitt Family Foundation have launched the Genographic Project, a five-year effort to understand the human journey: where we came from and how we got to where we live today. New DNA studies suggest that our human ancestors evolved about 200,000 years ago in the highlands of eastern Africa. Geneticists are tracing the gradual mutation markers in our genes. Mutations in our Mitochondrial DNA (passed down by a woman to her children) have shown that we are all the descendants of a single ancestral female who lived in Africa roughly 150,000 years ago. The mutations in the Y Chromosome (passed by a father to his sons) reveals that we are all the descendants of a single male African ancestor who lived roughly 60,000 years ago. The National Geographic Society, IBM, geneticist Spencer Wells, and the Waitt Family Foundation have launched the Genographic Project, a five-year effort to understand the human journey: where we came from and how we got to where we live today. Dr. Wells and a group of the world's leading scientists will attempt to collect and analyze more than 100,000 DNA samples from people all over the world. This unprecedented effort will map humanity's genetic journey through the ages. The public can take part in the project by purchasing a kit and submitting their own cheek-swab samples. Online, participants will be able to track the overall progress of the project online as well as learn about their own migratory history.

Cyndi's List of Sites

genealogyPro Professional Genealogist and Research Services

Four One Co. Ltd.
This Canadian company based in London, Ontario, has a large variety of atlases and maps.

Search the Internet for Genealogy Sites:

You can search (søge) this website, which is the Danish version of Yahoo.


Contact me at: Norman Lee Madsen, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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