Glengarry & Ottawa Valley Branch
Clan MacMillan

Spring Celebration 2002

Dunvegan Presbyterian Church and Hall, Dunvegan, Ontario

Saturday, May 4, 2002

The annual Spring Celebration of the Clan Mac Millan was held Saturday May 4, 2002, at the Presbyterian Church and Hall in Dunvegan Ontario.
This repeat location again proved to be excellent with the hall facilities suitable for our meeting and dinner, and the Church ideal for the musical performances and the guest speaker.

The Social Hour, 4:30 - 5:30, allowed members to catch up on family news and events. A refreshing fruit punch garnished with strawberries was served, along with cookies and biscuits.
Duty piper Emily MacLellan rendered tunes outside the hall in the fresh Glengarry air and bright sunshine.
Information on "The Great Return 2002", an International Gathering of the Clan MacMillan in Scotland, June 29 - July 9, 2002, the "Stone Of Oatmeal" Celebration and Ceilidh at St.Raphael's, Ontario, Aug. 4, 2002, and the Branch Store, all set up and cared for by Bill and Carol MacMillan, were prominently displayed and visited with interest by branch members (and the Ladies of the Church).

Emily played for the "Piping in the Haggis" ceremony and Bill MacMillan delivered the "Address to a Haggis" in a fine performance (thespian even) with serving assistance by Harold MacMillan.
To close the "Time of Remembrance", Emily played "Going Home" (Dvorak's New World).

The Buffet Dinner prepared by Eunice Nixon and the Ladies of the Presbyterian Church included hot roast pork, potatoes, vegetables, jellied and chef salads, a variety of home-cooked pies. A fine repast.

Musical entertainment was performed in the Church by Ian MacLeod and his School of Fiddlers, a fine local group, and by gaelic soloist Cathy Ann MacPhee, now residing in Ottawa, who introduced each of her songs with a story.
Cathy Ann's performances are available on CD's from Greentrax Records.

The guest speaker of the evening, author Marianne McLean, told of the five emigrations from Scotland between 1764 and 1815 to the local surrounding areas, the reasons for leaving and the life and times of our ancestors as they carved out their futures. Active discussion followed.
Marianne McLean is author of "The People of Glengarry".

As convenor, I wish to thank the following people for their assistance throughout;

  • President Susan Drinkwater for her ideas and support
  • Jerry Stubbings' artistic programs, tickets and all other printings
  • Harold, Bill, Carol, Susan,and Hugh MacMillan for their introductions and thank-you's to our Guests
  • Ruth MacMillan's lovely floral arrangements
  • The Ladies of the Presbyterian Church for a truly excellent feast
  • Emily MacLellan, Duty Piper (on scholarship to Simon Fraser University School of Piping this summer)
  • Audrey Drinkwater and Jean Carroll, for handling ticket sales
  • Bill MacMillan who addressed the noble 'HAGGIS'
  • Carol and Bill MacMillan for their historical Billboards and The Store
  • Paul and June MacMillan and Susan Drinkwater for the special MacMillan decor brought for the occasion
  • BOOK STOP for the donation of a door prize
Indeed it was an afternoon and evening of interest and enjoyment filled with colour and sound and ideas. I only wish that we could have attracted more people to share this occasion.
I express this as a personal concern and wonder if through discussion we might find more ways to spread the Clanship.

It was a privilege.

Dianne Arril, convenor, with committee members Harold and Carol MacMillan

A final thank-you to all participants and contributors with special acknowledgement to Dianne Arril for coordinating the Spring Celebration program.
- Susan Drinkwater, president


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