Contributed by: Janet Kennedy, July 2000

An intimate look at our pioneer past.

A delicate china child's tea service... the sturdy work of village weaver John Dickson... a fine Victorian corner cupboard... the large stone lifter.

The Glengarry Pioneer Museum houses these and many more treasures that provide a unique and intimate look at pioneer life into the 1800's.

First opened in 1962, the museum complex consists of several log and heritage buildings.
With its early artifacts, machinery, photographs, books and documents, the Glengarry Pioneer Museum celebrates the spirit and determination of the Highland Scots who first settled in the area.

Marvel at pioneer ingenuity, admire the old furniture or simply picnic in the shade of the trees on the grounds.

The Glengarry Pioneer Museum offers charm and serenity, a glimpse of daily life very different from your own.

Hours: 1:00 - 5:00pm

SUMMER - July and August, Tuesday to Sunday

SPRING & FALL - Victoria Day to June 30th,
Labour Day to Thanksgiving,
Saturday, Sunday and Holiday Mondays,
or by appointment

Admission: $4.00, Students: $2.00 Children (under 5) free
P.O. Box 27, Dunvegan, Ontario, K0C 1J0
  Tel: (613) 527-5230

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