Elsie MacMillan

Elsie MacMillan

Postlude -- from Butternuts and Maple Sugar

And so our project has reached its completion.

Lochiel township has been crossed from its eastern boundary to Fassifern along the "Old 14th". The stories of the farms and the people who settled them have been related, in more or less detail depending upon the material available. However, using the iceberg as an analogy, only the tip of it has been uncovered.
If that "tip" encourages anyone to continue the work and delve deeper into his or her ancestry, then the purpose of this work will have been justified.

It has been a pleasure to meet old friends and make new ones. It has been fascinating work, but it has been work -- time-consuming and satisfying.

The most sincere thanks go to all who cooperated so willingly in any way whatsoever.

Beannaich leibh
Elsie MacMillan

The Editor

Funeral Notice

Elsie MacMillan has every right to try to preserve the history of the Old 14th.
She is a great-great-granddaughter of Alasdair Cooper MacMillan who moved to parental Lochiel in 1809 from 24.8 Lancaster. Her parental home is still in the family ownership after four generations.
Although widely travelled, she lived and worked for many years as a teacher and librarian in the three United Counties of Eastern Ontario.
She has always been interested in her cultural heritage, preserving and sharing the language, the arts, the foods and the values. The editor has a B.A. degree from the University of Ottawa. She is widely known for her work with the North American Clan MacMillan Society. This is the first full-length history compiled by this editor. She has spent countless hours at a considerable sacrifice, doing the research of the farms' owners. There are gaps and errors. The reader will use the book as a base on which to make a complete record for that particular family.
This history recommends itself to hundreds of people whose forebears lived on the "Old Fourteenth".

Hazel Huckvale

"Thig crioch air an t-saoghal, ach mairadh gaol us ceol"

"An end will come to the world, but love and music will last"

Butternuts and Maple Sugar -- October, 1982

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