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New Year Greetings

Happy New Year - Bliadhna Mhath Ur



As we begin a new year, we reflect on the last one.
There were so many wonderful events and adventures which took place; the Harriet Kennedy MacMillan Dinner, the fantastic trip to The Great Return 2002 in Scotland, the Finch MacMillan Dinner, the Glengarry Highland Games, and the Glengarry Feis. Each one of these events marked the 200th Anniversary of the MacMillan arrival to Glengarry.

There is much to look forward to in the year ahead.
Negotiations to present Ken McKenna's play, "Lochaber No More" during the Glengarry Highland Games, August 1st, are on-going. A replica of the plaque dedicated at Finlaystone in Scotland this past year will hopefully be erected in Glengarry, and the "Time Capsule" will be buried at the site. The Clan MacMillan Society of North America will hold their world gathering in New York City (see detail in the item below).

The Branch Spring Meeting is set for Saturday, May 3, 2003, at the Royal Canadian Legion, 48 Elgin Street, Alexandria. The meeting will begin at 1:30pm. The agenda for this meeting and the minutes of the previous meeting (September 28, 2002, Dunvegan) will be published on the website and mailed at a later date.
Pay-as-you-go dinner at the Alexandria Restaurant is proposed to follow the meeting.
Please advise us by April 25 if you wish to be included in the seating arrangements for dinner.
Email or phone Jerry Stubbings at (613) 830-0536 (leave a message).

Chief George's Postscript to "Impressions of GR2OO2" - from the Clan Newsletter...
Graeme's remit in organising gatherings on behalf of the Clan Centre is to make them as widely accessible as possible by not seeing them as a big source of profit. Indeed past events in Scotland have crept into the black only because generous donations made at the time were counted as income from the gathering. This time, even counting in some donations, the gathering unfortunately made a loss of some 11,000 on an expenditure of about 42,000. Fortunately, our reserves were such that the Centre has remained solvent; and further donations have ensured our future. We're still analysing the factors contributing to the deficit. The most obvious are unforeseen administrative costs, adverse currency exchange fluctuations, and a failure always to allow for the cost of VAT (sales tax). We're also looking at various ways of reducing running costs (e.g. by sending newsletters by surface mail only) and enhancing income (e.g. by re-printing Graeme's excellent "Origins and Early History..." of the clan, which will soon be available again @ 15 per copy - and a bargain at that). Graeme and Pauline, who themselves lost heavily on the work they did in connection with the Great Return, continue to serve the Centre with undiminished vigour; dealing with inquiries, working on Project MAOL, updating the website - and, of course, putting together the newsletter.
Against our disappointment with the figures we need to set the undoubted success of the project.

George MacMillan

(GR2002 Souvenir Poster reproductions are still available from the Glengarry & Ottawa Valley Branch - $45.00 plus shipping. All profits go to Clan Centre International.)

The International Gathering of the Clan MacMillan Society of North America will be held in New York City, New York, USA, 12 to 17 August 2003. Accommodations are at the Landmark GuestRooms, part of the historic Union Theological Seminary, where many of the events take place. The Seminary is at the centre of Manhattan's religious and cultural life.
The accommodation-included price is $1,100 US per person. Reservations must be made with half the fee on deposit by 15 May 2003. Anyone wishing to arrange their own accommodations may attend all events, programs and meals, except continental breakfasts, for the all-inclusive price of $575 US per person. For further information contact Andrew Macmillan, 220 W. 93 St. # 6-C, New York, NY 10025 - Fax: (212) 799-1922 - Email Andrew Macmillan <>

Glengarry & Ottawa Valley Branch memberships (October - September) are still $10.00 per household. Please make your cheque payable to Clan MacMillan Society and mail it to:
Harold MacMillan, Treasurer, Box 193, Hawkesbury ON, K6A 2R8

Sombre News:
Tragically, Keith Farr, tour bus driver for the Great Return 2002, peacefully passed away on 18th December 2002, after a short illness. Keith, in recognition of his fine service to the Clan, had been made an honorary MacMillan by Chief George at the final dinner of the Great Return. Donations can be made under his name to MacMillan Cancer Relief, Room A1, 89 Albert Embankment, London, SE1 7UQ and The Thistle Foundation, Niddle Mains Road, Edinburgh, EM16 4EA.

from the CLAN CENTRE newsletter...
Bill Vineyard: We very much regret to report the death recently of John W. ("Bill") Vineyard. Bill had also been with us during GR2002, but sadly caught pneumonia on his return to the United States, and died a few weeks later. Bill was a M'Millan by birth, but had been adopted as a child by a family called Vineyard; and only really discovered his clan heritage relatively late in life. He attended the Clan Gathering in Scotland in 1996 and so enjoyed it that he became a keen supporter of clan events in both the USA and Scotland. His career in the geology side of the oil industry had brought him considerable wealth, and he became the most generous of all individual benefactors to the Clan Centre - for which the Trustees and staff here owe him a deep debt of gratitude. Our deepest sympathies go out to his son John and to the other members of his family.

Dr. Charles Duncan McMillan of Paris, Texas, diagnosed with Acute Mylogenous Leukemia soon after his first tests on 6 Jan'03, entered Baylor Hospital in Dallas on 15 Jan'03, to start a 30 day treatment of chemo-therapy.

International Gathering of the Clans 2003 - Nova Scotia, June 29 - Oct 11, 2003:

The painting (1960) by Stuart McCormick depicting the three brigs, "the Friends", "the Helen" and "the Jane" entering Montreal Harbour in 1802, currently in the possession of Jacques Leduc, is still for sale at $5,000 US. Telephone (613) 874-2995.

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Thank you for your interest and participation.
Best regards,

Jerry Stubbings, secretary/communications, Glengarry & Ottawa Valley Branch


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