The MacMillan Cemetery - The Forgotten Past

MacMillan CemeteryAncestors of MacMillans, McMillans, MacDonalds, McDonells, MacLeods, MacIntyres, McIntyres, Camerons, Carrs, Clarks, Henrys, Lashams, Munros, Quinns, to name a few, dating back to the 1820s, are laid to rest in this beautiful setting of the MacMillan Cemetery at Lot #19, Concession #1, Township of Finch.
Better known to the older generations as the "Laughing John Cemetery", this hilltop location is the resting place of many denominations.
This being a Heritage Cemetery, very few people know about or visit this burying ground of their ancestors. If you do visit the cemetery you will find that many traveled to this area in the late 1700s and early 1800s from Scottish homes such as Lochaber, the Isle of Mull and Fort William. Walk among the stones and sense the hardships that families faced with many young deaths but also their hardiness with many aged more than their three score and ten years.
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The small volunteer board of directors have tried to maintain the site in its current state. With finances getting to a very minimum, they are requesting the support of all descendents to try and help keep this burial grounds up in its present condition.
Without your help, they will not be able to finance the upkeep of this Heritage Cemetery much longer.
The Board of Directors note that there are no burials or perpetual care finances, so their bank account is very small and declining fast in maintenance costs each year. They invite descendents of those buried in the cemetery and other interested people to support this important local historic site.
For more information, call 613-933-0469, or email, .
MacMillan Cemetery Sign Directions to the MacMillan Cemetery:
From the East: Take Hwy 43 west of Avonmore to the first road, CR14, and turn left. Follow the road to the second curve and make an immediate right turn onto a gravel road and then a left turn. The Cemetery lane is on the right with a sign, "MacMillan Cemetery". Proceed up the laneway to the cemetery. Parking is at the top of the lane.
From the West: Take Hwy 43 East from Finch to the first road on your right. Follow this road to the end and turn left to the Cemetery gate.

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