Glengarry and Ottawa Valley Branch
Clan MacMillan Society of North America

Minutes of the Spring Celebration Meeting

Saturday, May 4, 2002, at 2:30 pm

Dunvegan Presbyterian Church Hall

Dunvegan, Ontario





Call to Order:
The meeting was opened at 2:55 pm by Susan Drinkwater, Branch President.
Due to the delay in opening, the President expressed her welcome message, and then proceeded directly with her report.

Acceptance moved by Susan Drinkwater, seconded Harold MacMillan, accepted.

President’s Report to be appended to Minutes.


Reading of the Minutes of the Previous Meeting:
Minutes of the meeting of May 5, 2001, were read and accepted as printed..
Acceptance moved by Jerry Stubbings, seconded by Paul MacMillan, accepted.



President's Report: Susan Drinkwater

Included under Item I



Treasurer's Report: Harold MacMillan
The Treasurer's Report was presented and accepted as printed.
The Memorial Plaque fund, kept as a separate account, is now well in excess of the cost of the plaque which has been paid for and is ready for dedication. Discussion is presented under Item VIII, 3) Plaque in Glengarry ...
Purchase of Items for Resale has been considerable, but good returns are expected.
Acceptance moved by Harold MacMillan, seconded by Wm. J. MacMillan, accepted.



Correspondence/Communication was reported from land and e-mail sources: several responses to the Web site were cited.

Acceptance moved by Jerry Stubbings, seconded by Harold MacMillan, accepted.



Book Committee Report: Harold MacMillan
Possible options for microfilming the Beaton material were outlined. Harold is indexing the documents under family lines and updating Alisdair Beaton on his progress.
Acceptance moved by Harold MacMillan, seconded by Allan MacMillan, accepted.



Kit Shop Report: Wm. J. MacMillan

Members were invited to visit the kit shop upstairs after the meeting: impressive table and wall displays of items and eye-catching panels of clan photos. Suggestions that item illustrations and contact information for Bill and Carol be added to the kit shop web page were made. Bill will include a kit shop page when he updates his own home pages.

Acceptance moved by Wm. J. MacMillan, seconded by Diane Wood, accepted.

Kit Shop

web page to be edited to reflect suggestions..


New Business:

1) Scotland 2002 “The Great Return”

a) Booking events in Scotland: Contact Clan Centre via land or e-mail.


b) Travel arrangements: Difficulties with travel agents and lack of airline group rate booking recounted by Susan Drinkwater.

Form and information on the Branch



2) The “Stone of Oatmeal”

a) Tickets: Dinner $12, Pageant $13, now available, contact Harold.


b) Committee volunteers:

Motion: Volunteers to be sought by the Celebration committee.

Moved Wm. J.MacMillan, seconded by Dianne Arril, carried.

3) Plaque in Glengarry to Commemorate 200th anniversary

Motion: That a replica of the Finlaystone plaque be obtained.

Moved Diane Wood, seconded Dianne Arril, carried.


a) Location: The planned Cultural Centre was suggested as one option.


b) Dedication date:

Motion: That dedication be made sometome before the end of 2002.

Moved Wm. J. MacMillan, seconded Gordon MacMillan, carried.


c) Outlay: To be determined by negotiation with plaque production company.

4) Time Capsule Discussion

a) Content: Rightfully ought to be determined before the end of 2002


b) Location: Should be at the site where the plaque is displayed.


a) Dedication date: To coincide with plaque dedication.

President’s Report lists volunteers



Items from the Floor:

1) Reproduction Rights:

Hugh P. MacMillan offered to give the Branch reproduction rights to sell copies of his book, The Lochaber Emigrants to Glengarry. This is conditional on his publisher deciding not to reprint the book. In this case, it was agreed that the matter would be brought forward at the next meeting (this Fall).

2) Castle Tour in Scotland

Allan MacMillan made known his findings regarding the tour of Edinburgh Castle at the beginning of the “Great Return”. It seems that the tour is only available by subscription to the total package offered by Rowene Conn.

3) Dunvegan Museum Tour

Arranged for September 28, 2002. Exhibits will focus on MacMillan related items.

Times to be determined


Concluding Remarks:

Thanks to all for an expeditious and productive meeting.

Best wishes; see you in August at St. Raphaels. - Susan Drinkwater, President.


Motion to adjourn: Wm. J. MacMillan, seconded by Gordon MacMillan

Minutes to be mailed.

Jerry Stubbings, Secretary, May 14, 2002

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