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Clan MacMillan Society of North America

Minutes: Spring General Meeting

Saturday, May 3, 2003, at 1.45 pm
Royal Canadian Legion
Alexandria, Ontario

Item Subject Action
I Welcome and Opening Remarks - Call to Order; Susan Drinkwater.
Agenda revised to include President's Report as item VI.
II Minutes of previous meeting, September 28, 2002, distributed in advance by mail and internet were read. Acceptance moved by Jerry Stubbings, seconded by Gordon MacMillan: Approved.  
III Business arising from last meeting - A report on the branch dinner of May 4, 2002 was read by Dianne Arril, the convenor.  
IV Treasurer's Report - Harold MacMillan distributed his printed current balance sheet and pointed out the items significant to branch operations. The consignment and accounts payable items have been resolved and will not appear in Harold's next report.
Harold moved acceptance, seconded by Carol MacMillan: Approved.
V Correspondence/Communication Report - Jerry Stubbings
E-mail exchanges were described, along with the global distribution of contacts. The 2003 Clan Gathering in New York has an entry and the Brockville Celtic event will be added to our Branch web pages.
Mailing to lapsed and prospective members was discussed and the current policy of land-mailing only paid members was thought to deserve reconsideration in light of the branch's ambitious summer program.
A new e-mail address: and web page URL: were noted.
Acceptance moved by Jerry, seconded by Allan MacMillan: Approved

Add Brockville
Celtic Festival to
index page.
VI President's Report - read by Susan Drinkwater
A sketch of the Plaque stand and a photo of its location at St. Raphaels were passed around for viewing.
The branch is seeking family histories and trees. A genealogy resource page was suggested for the branch web site by Gordon MacMillan.
Sources of useful material and links should be forwarded to the secretary for inclusion on the new page.
Append to Minutes.

A resource page
for genealogy to
be set up with links
to other useful sites.

VII Book Committee Report - Harold MacMillan
Six boxes of documents have been examined by Harold and he will update and expand the finding aid to his standards.
Harold moved acceptance, seconded by Dianne Arril: Approved
Harold to carry on working his way through the material.
VIII Glengarry Highland Games Report - Wm. J. MacMillan
Bill considers the 2002 Games to have been a notable success for the Branch; good table location, leading the clans parade, tartan on the program cover, the two page article inside the program, and the level of activity at the clan table. The heritage value of clan representation at the Games was evidenced in comments received at the MacMillan table.
Acceptance moved by Bill, seconded by Jerry: Approved
IX Kit Shop Report - William. J. and Carol MacMillan
A successful year overall, with a good response at Glengarry family gatherings contributing to sales. American visitors found good value. The table needs more eye-catching merchandise.
Carol and Bill will set up the table at the Brockville Celtic Festival.
Acceptance moved by Bill, seconded by Ann Neuman: Approved
Bill to E-mail Jim Millar re mugs etc.
X New Business:

1) Branch Projects for 2003

   a) Brockville Celtic Festival June 6 - June 8, 2003
      The Branch has been invited to attend and set up a table.

   b) Items for Time Capsule: Greetings from 2003, picture of the cairn at Loch Arkaig, events
      of the 2002 Celebration, sociological history of the clan, 50 coin - Queen Elizabeth jubilee,
      MacMillan tartan, Glengarry & Ottawa Valley lapel pin ...

   c) Pageant, "Lochaber No More",presentation at the Glengarry Highland
      Games, Friday, August 1, at 3:00 pm.
      N.B. Due to lack of participation and the admission costs involved, the Pageant cannot be       presented at the Games this year.

   d) Dedication of the 1802 Memorial Plaque: St. Raphael's Ruins
       August 3, 2003, 4:30 pm.

2) Fall Events: Saturday, October 4

   a) Annual General Meeting: Election of Officers

Volunteers invited to help at
the Clan Table.

Suggestions and submissions are welcome.

Location of meeting will be posted here.

XI Concluding Remarks - Susan Drinkwater
Thanks to all in attendance.
Table reservations for dinner have been arranged at the Alexandria Restaurant.

Motion to Adjourn.


Printed June 22, 2003 - Jerry Stubbings, Branch Secretary/Communications

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