Glengarry and Ottawa Valley Branch
Clan MacMillan Society of North America

Minutes: Spring General Meeting

2.00 p.m. Saturday, May 8, 2004

St. Andrews Church Hall
Williamstown, Ontario


Item Subject Action
I Welcome and Opening Remarks - Meeting called to order by Wm J. MacMillan, vice-president.

(Bill assumed the chair, with approval of the members present, in light of Diane Wood's withdrawal from her position as branch president.)

II Adoption of Agenda - Revised due to Diane Wood's absence.  
III Minutes of previous meeting, October 4, 2003, were distributed. The incorrect date on the printed minutes was noted. Acceptance moved by Jerry Stubbings, seconded by Wm J. MacMillan: Approved as corrected.  
IV Business arising from last meeting - Wm J. is waiting for confirmation from Jamie McCullough about our clan table location in a marquee on the former Angus Grey Hall site. (Spaces for 20 clan tables)
Susan Drinkwater expressed her belief that "Clans" do not appear to be a part of the Games' "Official Plan" and that correspondence should be directed to the Games' Board to express our dissatisfaction.
V Treasurer's Report - Harold MacMillan distributed printed copies of the current balance sheet and pointed out the items significant to branch operations. Harold's next report will include the Plaque shortfall ($233.04) as a disbursement item and not a separate account.
Harold moved acceptance, seconded by Allan MacMillan: Approved.
VI Glengarry Highland Games Report - Wm J. MacMillan - see "Business Arising", item IV.  
VII Correspondence/Communication Report - Jerry Stubbings
Acceptance moved by Jerry, seconded by Ann Neuman: Approved
VIII Book Committee Report - Harold MacMillan
The "MacMillan" mini-books, volumes 1 and 2 price will be changed to $10 apiece or $15 a pair.
Harold moved acceptance, seconded by Jerry.
IX Events Planning

1) Glengarry Highland Games - Maxville:
Carol and Bill will set up the clan table and display boards.

2) Fergus Games:
Bill and Carol will coordinate with Duncan D. and attend the event with an eye toward the 2005 Gathering. (See next)

3) 2005 North America Clan MacMillan Gathering:
Duncan D. McMillan, the current North America president, is in the planning stages for the biennial event. Full support for the event from Glengarry & Ottawa Valley Branch executive and members was expressed.

Volunteers invited to help at the Clan Table.

Promotion via our branch's website to be featured.

X New Business

- Annual family membership initial or renewal will have an add-on incentive bonus offer of a "2002 Commemorative Poster" (regularly $45.00) for only $25.00. Moved by Allan MacMillan, seconded by Susan Drinkwater.

- A donation of $50 to the St. Raphael's annual golf tournament was approved. Moved by Bill MacMillan, seconded by Ann Neuman.

- Susan passed the "original" minutes book into the hands of Harold for safekeeping. (See previous minutes for conditional transfer to the museum.)

- A donation of $50 to the Angus Gray Fund was approved. Moved by Harold, seconded by Susan.

- A motion to donate $100 to the Clan Centre was deferred (as per the October 4th minutes).

XI Concluding Remarks
Thanks to all in attendance.

Motion to Adjourn.


Printed July 28, 2004 - Jerry Stubbings, Branch Secretary/Communications

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