Glengarry and Ottawa Valley Branch
Clan MacMillan Society of North America

Minutes: Annual General Meeting

Saturday, Oct 4, 2003, at 2:00 pm
St. Mary's Anglican Church Hall
Navan, Ontario
Item Subject Action
I Welcome and Opening Remarks - Call to Order; Susan Drinkwater.  
II President's Report - Susan Drinkwater  
III Minutes of previous meeting, May 3,2003, distributed in advance by mail and internet, were read. Acceptance moved by Jerry Stubbings, seconded by George MacMillan: Approved.  
IV Business arising from last meeting: No items were raised for discussion.  
V Glengarry Highland Games Report - Bill MacMillan:
The value and rewards of clan presence at the games in terms of family heritage and genealogical connections were described. The ambience of the clan building location is conducive to conversation and display of photos and clan memorabilia.
Acceptance moved by Bill, seconded Anne Neuman. Approved.
Bill to write Jamie MacCullough in the new year to express the branch's disfavour of an outdoor table setup.
VI Treasurer's Report - Harold MacMillan: the current balance sheet was distributed and discussed. Proceeds from sales at the games were significant. The memorial plaque account had a small deficit, but some funding is still expected. The poster reproductions were offered at the New York gathering by Duncan McMillan, but did not sell. (Duncan's opinion was that the price was seen as excessive.) A motion to have Carol MacMillan contact Audrey about having them sold through her store in New York was presented by Jerry and seconded by Harold was approved.
Acceptance moved by Harold, seconded by Bill MacMillan: Approved.

Carol to contact Audrey.
VII Correspondence/Communication Report - Jerry Stubbings: A "Health News Update" from John B. McMillan, received as e-mail, was read aloud and discussed. Mostly positive news about clan figures, many of whom had been at the Great Return 2002. The demise of Reverend Doctor Donald Neil MacMillan being a sad note in the presentation.
Acceptance moved by Jerry, seconded by Harold MacMillan: Approved
VIII Kit Shop Report - Carol MacMillan: Discussion of the effects of moving the clan table to an outdoors location in competition with commercial vendors, the limits on our sales offerings, and alternative revenue sources took place. With reduced sales potential, inventory will become a major concern. Ideas for sale items were invited. A presence at the Fergus Games in 2005 was discussed and Duncan McMillan, N.A. President elect, should be consulted. Moved by Carol, seconded by George; Approved. Solicitation of the other clans' opinion regarding moving to an outdoor location was suggested. Jamie MacCullough has contact list.
IX Book Committee Report - Harold MacMillan
Harold feels he has come up with a schema that matches the organizational pattern of the materials he is investigating. He is proceeding with renewed purpose and confidence. He noted that the articles in the collection date only from 1970 forward, although they may refer to earlier dates. Harold moved acceptance, seconded by Allan MacMillan: Approved

Harold will continue with the new indexing scheme.
X New Business:

1) Project MAOL (MacMillan Ancestry On Line) Support:
After some discussion of Branch initiatives and purpose, Anne Neuman moved that the Branch donate $100 in support of the project. Seconded by Diane Wood, the motion was approved.

2) Clan Centre Support: A motion introduced by Wm. J. MacMillan to donate $100 to the Clan Centre, seconded by Gordon MacMillan, was tabled and will be brought to the spring meeting for consideration.

3) North American Clan MacMillan Gathering 2005: The new President of the North America Clan MacMillan Society, Duncan D. McMillan, will be hosting the 2005 North America Gathering in London, Ontario in 2005. The event will be held between the dates of the Glengarry and the Fergus games.

4) Branch Dues Increase: A new yearly family membership fee of $25 was proposed and discussed at length. Some of the points raised in favour of the increase included: the uncertainty of the branch generating income at the Glengarry Games, the perceived need to give support to the Clan Centre and Project MAOL, support of the Friends of the Ruins (St.Raphael's) campaign, and support for research and documentation of MacMillan heritage. The membership would also be changed from "Household" to "Family". Memberships already paid will remain valid.
Moved by George McMillan, seconded by Wm. J. MacMillan; Approved unanimously

5) Election of Executive: Nominations were called for all positions.
President: Diane (Drinkwater) Wood; nominated by George McMillan, was acclaimed.
Diane accepted the position, and reflected on the past leadership of Susan, thanking her for motivating the Clan Branch to its great achievements over the past years, in particular the Great Return of 2002, and the commemorative plaque in Scotland, and the similar one with the time capsule in St. Raphael's.
Vice President: Wm. J. MacMillan, uncontested, agreed to continue in the position.
Treasurer: Harold MacMillan, uncontested, agreed to continue in the position.
Secretary/Communications: Jerry Stubbings, uncontested, agreed to continue in the position.

Cheque to be sent to Project MAOL.

Item to be added to the agenda of the spring meeting.

Branch assistance and participation to be investigated.

XI Concluding Remarks - Susan Drinkwater
Thanks to all in attendance. Table reservations for dinner have been arranged at the Old Navan Mill Restaurant.
Motion to Adjourn.

Printed October 10, 2003 - Jerry Stubbings, Branch Secretary/Communications

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