Glengarry and Ottawa Valley Branch
Clan MacMillan Society of North America

Minutes: Fall General Meeting

2.00 p.m. Saturday, October 16, 2004

St. Andrews Church Hall
Williamstown, Ontario


Item Subject Action
I Welcome and Opening Remarks - Meeting called to order by William J. MacMillan, president.  
II Adoption of Agenda - Motion to adopt by Ann Neuman, seconded by Harold, carried.  
III Minutes of previous meeting, May 8, 2004, were distributed. The motion to defer a $100 donation to Clan Centre should have noted the mover as Allan MacMillan. Acceptance moved by Jerry Stubbings, seconded by Wm J. MacMillan. Approved as corrected.

Recorded Minutes to be corrected.
IV Business arising from last meeting - The $100 donation to Clan Centre will be dealt with as item 4 under Events Planning  
V Treasurer's Report - Harold MacMillan distributed printed copies of the current balance sheet and pointed out the items significant to branch operations. Harold's report now shows the Poster shortfall as a disbursement item. Harold moved acceptance, seconded by Allan MacMillan Approved.  
VI 1. Glengarry Highland Games Report - Wm J. MacMillan
The clans were located as usual in the Clan Building (not in the Angus Gray area as had been proposed). The heavy rain brought lots of visitors into the building, but the noise made conversation a bit difficult. It was a worthwhile effort in terms of public exposure and contact. The Parade of the Clans happily took place during a break in the downpour.
2. Fergus Games Report - Wm J. MacMillan
The Fergus Games grounds are well laid out with the clans in individual games-supplied marquees located in a quiet but very accessible location. No charges are assessed for this arrangement. Bill noted that three members of the games committee are MacMillans.
Report acceptance moved by Bill, seconded by Ann Neuman. Approved.

Bill to write to Jamie and the games committee re: the clan table location.
VII Correspondence/Communication Report - Jerry Stubbings
E-mail correspondence is sent to over 100 recipients. Land-mail is sent to about 30 members. (Payment of membership ensures land-mailing.)
A new MacMillan branch has been established in British Columbia. An effort to arrange cooperation, especially in terms of family connection information, will be initiated.
Confirmation of the dues for the North America MacMillan Society will be sought from Dugal MacMillan. (What is the fee amount?)
Acceptance moved by Jerry, seconded by Allan MacMillan: Approved

Secretary to:

Contact B.C. branch

Telephone Dugal for info.

VIII Book Committee Report - Harold MacMillan
Harold suggested a plan, to set him a goal, to list the book materials in family groups (ie Corribuie line, etc.) and file numbers, by the date of the branch spring meeting in 2005. He has this work under way and is optimistic of success. Discussion ensued regarding the "marketing strategy" and publication process for the resulting compilation - paper format vs CD distribution.
Harold moved acceptance, seconded by Jerry. Approved

Harold to work as his time permits.
IX Events Planning:
1) Glengarry Highland Games 2005 - Maxville:
Carol and Bill will set up the clan table and display boards as usual.

2) Fergus Games:
Bill and Carol will coordinate with Duncan D. and attend the event with an eye toward the 2005 Gathering. (See next)

3) 2005 North America Clan MacMillan Gathering:
Duncan D. McMillan, the current North America president, is in the planning stages for the biennial event. Full support from Glengarry & Ottawa Valley Branch executive and members was expressed.

4) Clan Centre Contribution:
A $100 donation to the MacMillan Clan Centre International was moved by Susan Drinkwater and seconded by Carol MacMillan. This was an item carried forward from the previous meeting. Approved

A detailed Kit Shop item cost inventory to be set up.

Promotion via our branch's website to be featured.

X New Business:
Harriet Kennedy Family Group Event 2005:
Harold will find out more details about the group's plans for this event.
XI Concluding Remarks:  Thanks to all in attendance.
Motion to Adjourn.

Printed October 27, 2004 - Jerry Stubbings, Branch Secretary/Communications

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