Glengarry and Ottawa Valley Branch
Clan MacMillan Society of North America

Minutes: Annual General Meeting

2:30 p.m. Saturday, Oct 29, 2005

Hawkesbury United Church Hall
Hawkesbury, Ontario


Item Subject Action
I Welcome and Opening Remarks - Meeting called to order by William J. MacMillan, president.  
II Adoption of Agenda - Motion to adopt the agenda as printed: Jerry Stubbings, seconded by Susan Drinkwater, carried.  
III Minutes of previous meeting, May 21, 2005, were distributed. Acceptance moved by Colin Heath, seconded by Anne Neuman, carried.

IV Business arising from last meeting - Discussion deferred to subsequent items
V Treasurer's Report - Harold MacMillan distributed printed copies of the current balance sheet.  Harold moved acceptance, seconded by Allan MacMillan, approved.  
VI Glengarry Highland Games Report - Jerry Stubbings and Susan Drinkwater
The welcome assistance of George and Joyce McMillan, and Harold MacMillan at the very active MacMillan Clan table was acknowledged. Susan, Harold and George carried the Branch banner in the parade of the clans.
(Games photos will be posted in the near future.)
Clan MacMillan North America Gathering 2005 and Fergus Highland Games Report - Susan and Jerry
(Pictures are posted at:
The Gathering was a very worthwhile event, with a well-planned program and a surprisingly good choice of venues - a good mix of history, entertainment, clan business, and socializing. See the schedule of Gathering events at:
At the Fergus Games, the MacMillan Clan tent was awarded "Best Clan Tent" trophy. The MacMillan party in the parade of the clans, bolstered by the Gathering participants, was very impressive. Clan Chief George MacMillan was an honoured guest on the reviewing stand for the opening ceremonies and clan parade.
A report on the 2005 Gathering will appear in the North America newsletter. Membership in the North America Society ($15.00) includes a subscription to the newsletter. A printable registration form for the Clan MacMillan North America Society is available at:
Report acceptance moved by Jerry, seconded by Susan, approved.

VII Correspondence/Communication Report - Jerry Stubbings
A Glengarry & Ottawa Valley graphic logo, designed by Mike McMillen of the Clan MacMillan North Central States, was viewed and discussed. No decision was reached on the use of the logo. Some concern was expressed over the typeface characters - "C" looks too much like "G"...
Acceptance moved by Jerry, seconded by Anne Neuman, approved.


VIII Book Committee Report - Harold MacMillan
Harold reviewed possible formats for publishing the material in the collection. Harold moved acceptance, seconded by Susan Drinkwater, approved.
Harold to continue his study.
IX Executive Elections
Nominations were called by past-president Susan Drinkwater.
President: William J MacMillan was nominated by Anne Newman, seconded by Susan Drinkwater. William J MacMillan accepted the nomination. No other nominations were made. William J MacMillan acclaimed as President.
Vice President: Anne Neuman was nominated by William J MacMillan and seconded by Carol MacMillan. Anne Neuman accepted the nomination. No other nominations were made. Anne Neuman acclaimed as Vice President.
Treasurer: Harold MacMillan was nominated by Allan MacMillan and seconded by William J MacMillan. Harold MacMillan accepted the nomination. No other nominations were made. Harold MacMillan acclaimed as Treasurer.
Secretary/Communications: Jerry Stubbings was nominated by Bill MacMillan and seconded by Susan Drinkwater. Jerry Stubbings accepted the nomination. No other nominations were made. Jerry Stubbings acclaimed as Secretary/Communications.

X Events Planning:
1) Glengarry Highland Games 2006 - Maxville:
Definitely a "GO" for 2006. This event is of prime importance in terms of the clan's presence in the region. Assistance at the clan table and in the parade should be solicited throughout the year.
2) Fergus Highland Games 2006:
For the Glengarry & Ottawa Valley Branch, this event is of little consequence, but if a request were to come from a formative MacMillan group from the Fergus area, we would be very willing to provide all possible assistance.
Wm. J. to maintain contact with Duncan.
XI New Business:
1) The Tribute Fund for Jane (Spurgin) MacMillan, created by the Community of the Tonsured Servant (Note 1), was discussed at some length.
To resolve concerns, a motion was put forward by Susan, seconded by George McMillan, to make a $100 donation in memory of Jane, to the MacMillan Cancer Relief Fund (Note 2). Motion passed unanimously.
Individuals are invited to make private contributions, to supplement the Branch's donation, to Harold (Note 3), by December 15, 2005. (Cheques payable to Clan MacMillan)
2) The Branch will also make its usual $100 annual donation to the Clan Centre.
3) Duncan McMillan has some T-shirts, souvenir Pins, and Pens left over from the North America Gathering. (Note 4)
4) Graeme's new mailing address. (Note 5)
XII Concluding Remarks:  Thanks to all in attendance.
Motion to Adjourn.

Note 1 Published in The Clan MacMillan International Magazine, Issue No. 4, June/July 2005
Our Chief George's wife Jane is ill with cancer. CTS wanted to find a way to let Jane know how much her Clan MacMillan family cares for her and her great accomplishments. It was Jane's idea to set up CMIC and her legacy is found there and in the gardens at Finlaystone. You will be hearing more about this Tribute very soon. It will have two parts: a "Special Projects Fund" for research, genealogy, displays etc. and an "Endowment Fund" with income used for projects supporting the mission of Clan MacMillan. If you wish to help her legacy continue, please make cheques payable to Clan MacMillan and send to Blanche McMillan, 5364 Salem Road, Burlington, Ontario, L7L 3X3,Canada. Phone: 905-637-3395. E-mail:
Prepared by Blanche McMillan, Abbot CTS, June 2005
Note 2 Macmillan Cancer Relief is a UK charity which helps to provide the expert care and practical and emotional support that makes a real difference for people living with cancer.
   Macmillan Cancer Relief
   89 Albert Embankment
   London, UK
   SE1 7UQ
Note 3 Harold Macmillan
Box 193
Hawkesbury, ON
V6A 2R8
Note 4 Available from our Branch Kit Shop: Items from the 2005 Clan MacMillan North America Society Gathering:
   MacMillan Crest pins with red Maple Leaf overlay (a souvenir ballpoint pen included with each pin) ... $5.00
   T-shirts with the MacMillan Clan Crest, burgundy or green, in sizes S, M, L, and XL ... $15.00
    - Postage and handling extra.
Note 5 Graeme Mackenzie
24 Rangemore Road

Printed Thursday, November 10, 2005 - Jerry Stubbings, Branch Secretary/Communications

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