Glengarry and Ottawa Valley Branch
Clan MacMillan Society of North America

Minutes: Fall General Meeting (AGM)

1:30 p.m. Saturday, October 20, 2007

St. Andrews Church Hall
Williamstown, Ontario


Item Subject Action
I Welcome and Opening Remarks: Meeting called to order by Anne Neuman, vice-president in the absence of Wm. J. MacMillan, president.  
II Adoption of Agenda: Motion to adopt the agenda as printed: Susan Drinkwater, seconded by George McMillan, carried.  
III Minutes of previous meeting: Printed minutes of the June 2, 2007, branch meeting were distributed. Under Item IV, the Day-Tour itineraries were to be developed by Anne Neuman and Susan Drinkwater. This was not made particularly clear in the minutes.
Motion to accept the minutes: Jerry Stubbings, seconded by Susan Drinkwater, carried.
IV Business arising from last meeting: Under Item V, the branch's annual donation to the Clan Centre for 2006 has since been sent by Harold, and an acknowledging thank you card has been received.
Acceptance moved by Jerry Stubbings, seconded by Susan Drinkwater, carried.
V Treasurer's Report: Harold distributed copies of the current Balance Sheet. With an explanation of a minor re-assignment to be made, acceptance moved by Harold, seconded by George McMillan was passed.
The Book Account, currently $3003.92, was discussed. A motion to put the funds into an investment vehicle, and to have that placed in safe deposit with instructions included to ensure the funds remain the property of the branch, was made by Harold, seconded by Susan Drinkwater, and passed.
VI Glengarry Highland Games Report:
Clan Buildings management and table allocation was done this year by Lindsay McCullough.
Clan table attendance was steady and the meeting and greeting assistance of Ernie MacMillan and Carlyle MacMillan was much appreciated. MacMillan representation in the Parade of the Clans was significant with a good-sized troup of well-dressed participants. See the photos on the web at:
Report acceptance moved by Jerry Stubbings, seconded by Susan Drinkwater, accepted.
VII Correspondence/Communication Report:
A summary sheet showing visits (hits) to the website was passed around for examination. The monthly average number of visits since January is 142 (first-time and returning visitors).
An on-line "Newsletter of the Council of Scottish Clans and Associations", titled "The Claymore", appears now at WWW.COSCA.NET
A printed version of the schedule of events and the registration form for the 2008 Gathering of Clan MacMillan in California was circulated. These can be accessed on the internet through the Clan Centre website at:
Acceptance moved by Jerry Stubbings, seconded by Harold MacMillan, carried.
VIII Book Committee Report: - Harold is adopting a less involved method of classifying the articles and papers in the collection. Families will be his main focus when making entries in his finding guide where cross-referencing becomes almost impossible with a lot of the material which may contain numerous secondary names.
Acceptance moved by Harold MacMillan, seconded by Susan Drinkwater, carried.
IX Events Planning:
Glengarry Highland Games:  Volunteer assistance at the MacMillan Clan table will be solicited. An organized schedule for table supervision should be in place, with duties and responsibilities allocated. Further discussion deferred to the next meeting.
Historic Sites Tour:
Planning by Ann Neuman and Susan Drinkwater for a Historic Sites Day-Tour is proceeding.
Discussion of the merits of hiring a bus and having a "tour guide" on board took place. Harold will check costs and liability considerations. A tentative set of tour stops was agreed on and Anne will contact David Anderson as a possible "tour guide" and mentor.
X New Business:
  • Harold MacMillan made a motion to combine the annual donations to the Clan Centre for the 2 years 2007 and 2008 into a single cheque for $200 Cdn to be sent this year. Seconded by Susan Drinkwater, the motion passed after discussion of currency exchange rates and the branch's finances.
  • Anne Neuman moved that the branch donate $50 in Mary Beaton's name to St. Giles Prebyterian Church where Mary had been a member for nearly 60 years. Seconded by George McMillan, the motion was passed.
  • Harold proposed an item for discussion at the spring meeting. That is, an award to a student in each of the 3 Glengarry English public high schools who best exemplified the philosophy of the MacMillan Clan motto (Miseris Succurrere Disco).
XI Election of Officers: Susan Drinkwater outlined the rules of procedure, and chaired the election process.
President: William J. MacMillan, nominated by Anne Neuman, seconded by George McMillan, accepted, uncontested, acclaimed.
Vice-President: Anne Neuman, nominated by Jerry Stubbings, seconded by Harold MacMillan, accepted, uncontested, acclaimed.
Treasurer: Harold MacMillan, nominated by Anne Neuman, seconded by Susan Drinkwater, accepted, uncontested, acclaimed
Secretary/Comm: Jerry Stubbings, nominated by George McMillan, seconded by Anne Neuman, accepted, uncontested, acclaimed
XII Concluding Remarks:  Vice-president Anne Neuman thanked all for attending.
Motion to Adjourn.

Jerry Stubbings, Branch Secretary/Communications

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