Glengarry and Ottawa Valley Branch

Clan MacMillan Society of North America

Minutes: Annual General Meeting

Saturday, September 28, 2002, at 2.45 pm

Dunvegan Church Hall
Dunvegan, Ontario

Item Subject Action
I Welcome and Opening Remarks - Call to Order; Susan Drinkwater  
II Minutes of the last meeting, May 2002, distributed in print form
    a) Errors and omissions - no items of concern.
    b) Business arising from last meeting - Item XIII to be discussed.
   Acceptance moved Paul MacMillan, seconded by Gordon MacMillan: Approved.
III President's Report - Susan Drinkwater read her report.
Thanks was expressed to Jean Carroll for arranging for a Mass to be said in Honour of the 1802 immigrants, to the donors for the web display of GR2002 photos, and to June and Paul MacMillan for transport of the Chief's paddle to Scotland.
Report acceptance moved by Susan, seconded Diane Wood: Approved
Append to Minutes
IV Treasurer's Report - Harold MacMillan distributed his printed current balance sheet and pointed out the items significant to branch operations.
Harold moved acceptance, seconded by Wm.J.: Approved
V Correspondence/Communication Report - Jerry Stubbings
Printed E-mail excerpts were distributed, including change of address information for Rev. Chris McMullen. Gordon MacMillan pointed out the value of exchanging links with other Scottish groups which have web pages. Mailing to lapsed and prospective members was discussed but the current policy of land-mailing only paid members remained unchanged.
Acceptance moved by Jerry, seconded Harold MacMillan: Approved
VI Book Committee Report - Harold MacMillan
Harold described the complexity of the task of organizing the material in the 17 boxes of Mary Beaton's collected papers. No outline of a plan for a third book has been found, so one would have to be created. Harold is trying to group the material along distinct family lines but the task is very time-consuming. The possibility of microfilming by the Latter Day Saints is to be further investigated. Concerns with storage and unsupervised access at the Historical Society were raised.  Harold moved acceptance, seconded by Jerry: Approved
Harold will carry on
as his time allows
working his way
through the material
with the aim of
producing an outline
and a plan of action.
VII Glengarry Highland Games Report - Wm. J. MacMillan
Bill considers the 2002 Games to have been a notable success for the Branch; good table location, leading the clans parade, tartan on the program cover, the two page article inside the program, and the level of activity at the clan table. Discussion followed disclosure of a rumour that the Games committee is considering moving the clan tables out of the "barn" to a location just behind the grandstand in order to provide them more exposure. Satisfaction with the current setup, along with the problems and cost of an outdoor location were discussed.
Motion to advise the Games Committee of Branch position: Carried
Bill to write the
Games committee
secretary outlining
the Branch's views
on the proposed
change and its
satisfaction with the
current setup in the
Clans Building.
VIII Kit Shop Report - Bill proposed that Carol MacMillan make the report, and seconded by Paul MacMillan, the motion was approved.
Carol reported on the sale and demand for various kit-shop items. The difficulty in predicting sales and the problems of purchasing in small quantities for varied groups of customers were discussed. Suggestions for possible sale items were encouraged.
Carol moved acceptance, seconded by Gordon, the report was approved.
* Susan Drinkwater is self-financing the GR2002 Calendar, proceeds of which go to support Clan Centre International. (See attached report.)
IX May 4th Dinner Report - Dianne Arril was unable to attend the meeting.
A motion to have the report deferred to the next meeting, proposed by Harold and seconded by Susan, was approved.
To next Agenda:
business arising from
the previous meeting
X Stone of Oatmeal - Harold outlined an idea for presenting "Lochaber No More" during the Highland Games. The banquet hall may be available on Friday and Saturday. A motion that the Highland Games Committee be approached with this idea was moved by Harold, seconded by Bill and was approved. Harold to speak to
Myles, and Bill to
write to the H.G.C.
secretary with a
copy to Jamie
XI 1802 - 2002 Plaque in Glengarry - Our proposal to the St. Raphaels executive has yet to receive a response. Allan MacMillan suggested the Bethune-Thompson house as an alternative, noting that it is non-denominational. Executive has been
previously charged
with the final
XII 2002 Time Capsule - Suggestions for content were received and noted.
A motion to locate the Capsule with the Plaque, made by Paul MacMillan, seconded by Carol, was approved.
XIII "The Lochaber Emigrants to Glengarry" book - Hugh P. MacMillan said that his Publisher had still not ruled out another printing of the book. At this time then, no consideration need be given to his offer to allow distribution rights to the Branch.  
XIV New Business:

1) Spring 2003 Celebration Event - The next Spring Meeting will be a purely business meeting. (A social event at the time of the Plaque dedication, will be held in the Fall. No plans were made for an Annual General Meeting which, according to the By-Laws, is to be held in October of each year.)
    a) When - to be decided by the executive.
    b) Where -
    c) Organizers - Executive

2) Branch Projects for 2003
    a) Games representation - Bill and Carol will set up the table at the Glengarry Highland Games.
    b) Book Committee - Harold will continue on his own until he is
           able to parcel out the indexing work.
    c) A Stone of Oatmeal - All Executive
    d) Plaque Dedication -
        Time Capsule - Items to be included: picture of the cairn at Loch Arkaig,
        events of 2002 - celebration, sociological history of the clan,
        50 cent coin - Queen Elizabeth jubilee, MacMillan tartan, ...
        (suggestions welcome)


Dates and locations
of meetings to be
determined by the

An advance mailing
will precede any
meeting and/or
social event.

Volunteers are
welcome to help at
the Clan Table.

XV Concluding Remarks - Susan Drinkwater
Thanks to all in attendance. Motion to Adjourn.

Edited October 4, 2002 - Jerry Stubbings, Branch Secretary/Communications

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