Glengarry & Ottawa Valley Branch
of the Clan MacMillan Society

Annual General Meeting, October 4th, 2003



The past five months have been very productive and busy. Jerry and I attended the Celtic festival in Brockville, which promotes Celtic music & dance. They are going through growing pains, and should become a really great success in the future.

The Glengarry Highland Games was another success, with numerous visitors to our table, and many membership renewals. Genealogy is an increasing topic at the Games, and fortunately we are able to link many people with their ancestors. This has been made much easier thanks to those that have provided us with their hard earned research.

A survey was conducted at the Games, of all the Clans present with regards to their view of moving the Clans outside. The consensus was they want to move out of doors. We're not sure when this will happen or where specifically the Clans will be located. This will result in our kit shop being excluded, as we aren't allowed to sell anything.

Our plans to put on the play "Lochaber No More" were cancelled again this year for numerous reasons, the main one being not enough volunteers, followed by the financial aspect that would result in not selling tickets to the event at the Games. We will consider this again in a couple of years.

On a very positive note, we have accomplished installing the commemorative plaque to the 1802 emigration of our ancestors to Glengarry. The plaque proudly stands beside the 1786 Knoydart Emigration and the Clan Donald plaques at historic St. Raphael's Ruins.

Our previous president, Duncan MacMillan has been elected President of the North American Branch of the Clan MacMillan. I have passed on our congratulations. He has already started planning the North American Gathering for 2005, it will be held in the London area the first week of August, after the Glengarry Highland Games and before the Fergus Highland Games. This will give many the opportunity of attending both Games.

As this will be the last meeting I'll preside over, I would like to extend my deep appreciation to all those that have assisted me over the last three years. It is with all this assistance that we've accomplished so much. I will go away from my term in office with many fond memories.

My going away present to The Glengarry & Ottawa Valley Branch of the Clan MacMillan, is a pine keepsake box which I've stained and stencilled "Clan MacMillan" on top. Enclosed in the box is the Canadian flag which I brought with me to Scotland and was used to cover the cairn at Murlaggan.
I carried the flag on July 4
th at the parade in Fort William and it also hung at the Clan centre for our plaque dedication ceremony. As well, I carried the flag during the opening ceremonies of the Highland Games of 2002 when the MacMillan's led the Clan parade. It also covered the plaque before the dedication at St Raphaels. I've also included in the box a copy of the letter from the Heritage Minister, in which they mention sending these flags to me as well as the Canadian flag lapel pins. Also, I've decided to include the Ontario flag which was carried by Harold's brother Ralph during the parade at Fort William. Also included, in this keepsake, are photos of some of the events covering the History of the flag. I trust that these items will be well used for future Clan MacMillan functions and that the historic value of these items be treasured and kept safely and passed along to the succeeding Presidents. I'll also complete the scrapbook I started in '97 as well as the photos from Scotland as permanent historical records of our Branch activities.

I will remain involved as Past President, especially since my main interest lay in the genealogy field.

In closing, I trust the Executive will continue the dissemination of information that comes in, as well as ensuring regular meetings or social functions are held. Our presence as well at the Glengarry Highland Games is important

Susan Drinkwater,
The Glengarry & Ottawa Valley Branch of the Clan MacMillan Society