May 4th, 2002

I’ve often wondered at the difficulties Archibald MacMillan would have encountered when making all the arrangements for the 1802 migration. Since there was electricity, telegraph, no telephones, faxes, emails, and computers. I soon found out that having all these modern conveniences doesn’t make life any easier, usually only complicates it.

With numerous computer problems, web server problems and three Travel Agents later, the idea to have group travel at a discount went by the wayside. Every time I turned a corner someone else found cheaper flights. Because there were other items on my agenda I decided that when any member contacted me I would pass along the most current information I had. Unfortunately, the Airlines no longer provide discounts for group travel and the Travel Agents were reluctant to clearly explain this little bit of information.

The program for The Great Return 2002 Celebration has been revised and curtailed somewhat as a result of September 11th. We will discuss in more detail the Celebration during the meeting. For anyone who can make it to Edinburgh on June 28th, there will be a tour of Edinburgh Castle and afterwards, drinks at the Castle with Sir John MacMillan, ex-Governor of the Castle and brother of our Chief George MacMillan. Rowene MacMillan Conn from the Pacific branch is organizing this event and I understand there are only a few tickets left.

On July 4th there will be a parade thru Fort William. I have requested from Heritage Canada two large Canadian flags, one to be presented to George MacMillan, and the other one we will carry during the parade and then return it to Canada for use at all our meetings. Also, to be received from Heritage Canada are the Canadian flag lapel pins, which I will pass out prior to the Parade.

Our Glengarry plans for our Celebration “A Stone of Oatmeal” are coming along nicely. Ken McKenna, who is the writer of the re-enactment “Lochaber No More” has agreed to produce and direct this event, although Ken is now in the Hospital with a heart problem. Ann, Kens’ wife, and Sine have agreed to step in and produce and direct this play. We pray he will be well enough to attend this event. He has put his heart and soul into the writing of the play. We are looking for a 20 year old male to play the son of Duncan MacMillan & Harriet Kennedy, who is pressed into military service. The part is not a large one but is significant. He will be taught some gaelic for the part.

We also require more volunteers; to sell and take tickets, to assist with the seating at The Ruins, as well as parking and traffic control and tidying up afterwards. One item I will ask of all of you here today is to “Please pray for good weather”.

On a more somber note, Blanche MacMillan wife of John B., and Abbot of The Community of the Tonsured Servant, recently lost her father. Robert B Marshall was 91 years of age.

We have sent condolences to Blanche and the family on behalf of this branch.

Now, lets have a productive meeting and I hope you enjoy this evening.

Susan Drinkwater


Glengarry & Ottawa Valley Branch of the Clan MacMillan

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