MacMillan History Pieces

  A scrap book

  of historic gleanings,

  mostly from the Glengarry

  region of Ontario.

The Church of Saint Raphael's at St. Raphael's, Ontario, before the fire in 1970.

1802 Passenger List of the "Friends", "Helen" and "Jane"

Taken from the original manuscript "List of Emigrants per Archibald MacMillan", and the listing in Somerled MacMillan's "Bygone Lochaber", by . (April 2001)

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Taken from the 1972 Reprint edition of the H. Belden Illustrated Historical Atlas of 1879,
by Susan Drinkwater. (January 2001)

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MacMillan "Background Sketch" - Mary C. Beaton

"A large emigration arrived in Glengarry in 1792. Another led by Archibald MacMillan of Murlagan and Allan MacMillan of Glenpean brought two hundred clansmen to Canada in 1802."

Elsie MacMillan - Editor, Butternuts and Maple Sugar

"If the Scots of Glengarry, secure in their Canadian citizenship, nationality and homeland can preserve something to reflect their human affections and beliefs, their dry wit and their melancholy, their songs, music and soft beautiful Gaelic language, they will have achieved a monument worthy of their stalwart forebears."

Remembering Elsie MacMillan.


An intimate look at our pioneer past
A delicate china child's tea service... the sturdy work of village weaver John Dickson... a fine Victorian corner cupboard... the large stone lifter.

MacMillan Heritage Cemetery

Better known to older generations as the "Laughing John Cemetery", ancestors of MacMillans, McMillans, MacDonalds, McDonells, MacLeods, MacIntyres, McIntyres, Camerons, Carrs, Clarks, Henrys, Lashams, Munros, Quinns, to name a few, dating back to the 1820s, are laid to rest in this beautiful setting.  

Donald Neil MacMillan  "Our own man from Glengarry"  1909 - 2003   Biography

Dr. MacMillan's interest in the history of Glengarry was profound. He was an executive of the Glengarry Historical Society and wrote historical notes for the annual bulletin of the Maxville Highland Games as well as the Historical Sketch of Kenyon Presbyterian Church, Dunvegan (1940, revised 1993).
Newspaper announcement

James Hector MacMillan  Feb.13, 1976 - May 23, 2000

"Most people will tell you that it is not the attainment of one's goals that is necessarily the crowning moment in one's life, but rather the journey that brings us there."


The Kilmory Cross was erected around 1500 for Alexander MacMillan, son of Lachlan Og, MacMillan Chief, at Kilmory chapel, South Kintyre.

The Devil on Wheels

The Devil on Wheels: Few of us have heard of the man who put together what is generally agreed to have been the first bicycle.

40th Anniversary Gathering: Clan MacMillan Society of North America

Re-activation of the Glengarry and District Branch of the North American Clan MacMillan Society.

Dr. Charles MacMillan (1897- 1980): Canada's representative to the World Health Organization

Contributed by: Catherine DiPietro of Sussex, NJ, USA    27 Aug 1998

This obit/editorial appeared in the "Telegraph Journal" of St. John, NB on 29 Jan 1980:

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