1. Butternuts and Maple Sugar
2. Stories from Stones
3. The Lochaber Emigrants to Glengarry
4. How to be Scottish
5. Old and New World Highland Bagpiping
6. Adventures of a Paper Sleuth
7. A Scots Highlander Odyssey


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Mary MacMillan Beaton, Hazel MacMillan Huckvale, Elsie MacMillan

Some history of the old 14th of Lancaster Township, Glengarry County, Ontario (5th concession Lochiel)
Second Edition, June 1983, signed by Elsie MacMillan, editor.


2.  STORIES FROM STONES by Marion Heath
The book is organized geographically with a map to show locations of 27 cairns in Ontario.
Historical research, the foundation for each cairn's story, makes people and events a living part of our heritage.
More information at: Stories from Stones.   See the publisher's page: Borealis Press

For anyone interested in the history of the Scottish people in Scotland and North America, this book is essential reading. In Canada and the United States today there are tens of thousands of descendants of Highland Scots who left Lochaber around 1800 to settle in Glengarry County. This book deals with the conditions in Scotland before migration,  settlement experiences in Glengarry, and the spread of these Scots-Canadians from Glengarry to the American and Canadian wests. There are fur trade and M├ętis connections, and even ties with the Caribbean. As well as colourful articles, this book contains a wealth of genealogical information, family trees, maps, photographs and other illustrations.   See vendor's description.
C$ 30.00 plus shipping from  , (613) 726-7588

4.  How to be Scottish - A Guide for North Americans by Strome Galloway
How to be Scottish

The book you may have been waitlng for. This manual is essential for anyone who aspires to be a true Son (or Daughter) of Scotland.
In 12 chapters it covers all the major mysteries; how to become a Highland Chieftain, what to put in your sporran, how to sound Scottish, how to get a free kilt, and of course, the greatest mystery of all, what is worn under the kilt.
While the tone of the book is hilarious, the information it contains is all historically accurate. Some of it is even useful.
Published by Fomorian Press, Price: C$ 14.95
Available at: The Book Stop, 1224 Place D'Orleans Drive, Ottawa, Canada  (613) 841-7897 

5.  Old and New World Highland Bagpiping  by John G. Gibson
Old and New World Highland Bagpiping is a stimulating and controversial book which also provides a comprehensive biographical and genealogical account of pipers and piping in both Highland Scotland and Gaelic Cape Breton.
The result of over thirty years' oral fieldwork among the last of the Gaels in Cape Breton, as well as an exhaustive synthesis of Scottish archival sources, this book shows that traditional community bagpiping in the Old and New World G'idhealtachdan was, and for a long time remained, the same. John Gibson explores the distortions introduced by the tendency to interpret the written record from the perspective of modern, post-eighteenth-century bagpiping.
    ISBN: 9781841583341
6.  Adventures of a Paper Sleuth  by Hugh P. MacMillan
For more than 25 years, Hugh has roamed the highways, attics and basements of Ontario seeking out the often forgotten, usually unappreciated treasures of our documentary heritage.
Combining the skills of a great detective with patience and tenacity, he rescued many fragile records of our experience. His passion for history has been infectious, enlisting the help of many in the cause, and triumphing over bureaucracy and indifference.
His achievements have been real and numerous. His exploits, though, are the stuff of legend.
ISBN 1 894131 622  Quality hardcover with B&W photos  344 pages 6 x 9 $35.00
Visit Hugh P. MacMillan's homepage:

7.  A Scots Highlander Odyssey   by Hugh Allan Macmillan
front cover  This is the fascinating story of a pioneer McMillan family from Glengarry, a story resuscitated from the dustbin of Canadian history by a devoted son.
A family history of John and Catherine McMillan and their descendants in North America.
Includes an extensive Bibliography and Index  
ISBN 9781927371572
Price: $35.00 + Shipping and Handling

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