The following indexed listing, ordered alphabetically by head of family, is from two sources: the original manuscript "List of Emigrants per Mr. Archibald MacMillan" and the listing in Somerled MacMillan's "Bygone Lochaber".
The two lists have been merged, retaining details from both. The family grouping is preserved by entering each family under the name of the head of the family. As to the relationships within the groups, it appears to adhere to the following format: husband, wife, children thirteen and over, servants or in-laws, children under thirteen.
In two instances, Alexander Stewart of Fort Augustus and Effy Kennedy of Caum, other entire families were listed within their families. These intrusive families have been cross-entered in this present revised listing.

The above information taken from "The Lochaber Emigrants to Glengarry, Upper Canada", copyright 1994.

Cameron, Alex (Gortenorn)

Cameron, Alex (Lochielhead)

Cameron, Alex (Sallachan, Arkaigside)

Cameron, Alex (Thornhill), wife, and two children

Cameron, Donald (Drimnassalie), wife

Cameron, Donald (Kenlocharkaig), wife and two children

Cameron, Donald (Kirkton)

Cameron, Duncan (Drimnasallie), wife

Cameron, John (Achnacary), wife, Duncan

Cameron, John (Glenturret), Angus (his brother), Catherin (Leck), Mary, Margery, two children, & Mary Gillis

Cameron, John (Kenmere), wife, John, Donald, Ewen

Cameron, John (Kinlochiel)

Cameron, John (Muick)

Cameron, Margaret (Glengarry)

Campbell, John (Glenelg)

Chisholm, Mary (Strathglass), Anne

Corbet, John (Ardachy), wife, Mary, William, Christy, one child

Fraser, Alex (Fort Augustus), wife

Fraser, Donald (Leck), wife one child (travelling with Alex the Stewart family below)

Fraser, William (Fort Augustus), wife, two children

Gillis, Duncan (Aberchalder), wife Moread McMillan, Mary Kennedy, four children

Grant, Alex (Achnaconern), wife, John, four children

Grant, Donald (Dalcattaig), wife

Grant, Mary (Duldregan) Flory, Isabella: John & Anne Grant (Livisie), one child

Henderson, Archibald (Glencoe), wife, one child

Kennedy, Alex (Laddy), wife, and two children

Kennedy, Donald (Achluachrach), wife, Mary McDonell, and five children

Kennedy, Donald (Inchlagan) wife, Angus, Alex, Allan and two children

Kennedy, Donald (Laddy) wife and two children

Kennedy, Donald (Lewiston), Margaret and three children

Kennedy, Duncan (Aberchalder), wife and two children

Kennedy, Effy (Caum), Archy McMillan, Mary, Katherine, Miles (see Duncan McLean & Alex McKinnon families)

Kennedy, Ewen (Aberchalder), wife, Donald Kennedy (Kenlochlochy) and four children

Kennedy, Ewen (Invergarry), wife, Christy, Peggy

Kennedy, John (Inchlagan), wife, Ewen, Mary, Alex, Janet, Angus, and three children

Kennedy, John (Invervigar), wife, Duncan, Alex

McAlpin, Mary (Greenfield), Mary Cameron (Letterfinlay) Catherin McAlpin (Letterfinlay), Eliz, Grant (Drimdrochil)

McArthur, Charles (Inverskilroy), John Sarah, Lizie, Donald

McDonell, Alex (Boline), wife, Duncan, Donald, Catherin, and four children

McDonell, Alex (Laggan) wife and two children

McDonell, Alex (Moy, Glenspean)

McDonell, Allan (Munergy), wife, Catherin, Margaret, Donald and two children

McDonell, Angus (Invervigar) wife, Duncan, Katherine, Margaret, Alex, John

McDonell, Archibald (Paisley) wife

McDonell, Donald (Abercalder) his wife, Anne, Duncan, Ewen, and two children

McDonell, Donald (Inchlagan) wife, Mary, Janet, Catherin, Peggy, Allan and four children

McDonell, Donald (Inchlagan), wife and two children

McDonell, Donald (Laddy), John, Duncan, Catherin, Mary Kennedy

McDonell, Donald (Leck) wife

McDonell, Donald (Thornhill) wife and three children

McDonell, Duncan (Aviemore)

McDonell, James (Balmean) wife, Allan & Katherine McDonell and four children

McDonell, John ( Ardnabie) wife, one child , Alex, Cameron & wife

McDonald, John (Doers)

McDonald, John (Inchlagan), wife, Donald McDonell and two children

McDonald, John (for his brother, Inchlagan)

McDonell, John (Invervigar) Dugald, Catherin, Flory, Peggy, Donald and one child

McDonald, John (Kenlochnasale) wife, Alex, Donald, Peggy, Mary McGilvray

McDonell, John (Leck)

McDonell, Ranald (Achteraw), Alex, McKinzie (Urquhart), John McDonell (Divach), Alex,

Scot (Urquhart)

McDougald, Donald (Fort Augustus) wife, Margery, Alex, John

McIntosh, James (Kerrowdoun), Catherin, Mary McDonell, Mary McDonell

McKay, Angus (Shanvall)

McKinnon, Alex ( Caum) wife, Duncan, three children (travelling with Effy Kennedy and family above)

McKinnon, Duncan (Donie), wife and six children

McLean, Angus (Munergy), Duncan, Janet and one child

McLean, Archibald (Laddy), Angus

McLean, Duncan (Caum), wife, (travelling with Effy Kennedy and family)

McLean, Duncan (Munergy), wife, Angus, Duncan, Janet and one child

McLean, Ewen (Aberchalder), wife, Donald, Catherin, Mary and four children

McLean, Catherin (Caum)

McLean, Kenneth (Mull)

McLean, Mary (Laddy), Katherin

McLellan, Donald (Glenelg)

McMaster, Mary (Glenpean), Anne Cameron (Muick)

McMaster, Mary (Oban)

McMillan, Alex (late soldier, Lochaber Regiment)

McMillan, Alex (Callich) wife, and one child

McMillan, Allan (Glenpean) Margaret (his wife), Ewen, John, Alex, James, Donald, Archibald, Helen, Janet,

McMillan, Angus (Arkaig) wife and two children

McMillan, Angus (Callich)

McMillan, Annie (Paisley)

McMillan, Archibald (Murlaggan), wife, five children, Thamasina Gray (Maryburgh, his sister- in-law)

McMillan. Donald (Aberchalder) wife, John, Margaret, three children, Margaret McDonell

McMillan, Donald (Achintore), wife

McMillan, Donald (Callop, Glenfinnan)

McMillan, Donald (Paisley), wife, Annie and two children

McMillan, Donald (Rellen)

McMillan, Donald (Tomdoun) wife and four children

McMillan, Dugald (Inchlagan) wife and one child

McMillan, Dugald (Oban)

McMillan, Duncan (Shanvall) wife, Catherin, Effy and four children

McMillan, Ewen (Coinich) wife and three children

McMillan, Ewen (Corrybuy) wife, Archibald, and four children

McMillan, Ewen (Craigalachie) wife and one child

McMillan, Ewen (Lubriach), Mary, Peggy, Donald, Ewen

McMillan, Ewen (Quarter), Catherin

McMillan, James (Knoydart)

McMillan, John (Callich)

McMillan, John (Camusein), and three children

McMillan, John (Coinich) wife, Duncan, Betty, Alex, Mary McMillan (Munergy), and three children

McMillan, John (Corsuck) wife, Ewen and five children

McMillan, John (Glenpean) wife, Duncan, Dugald, Bell, Alex and one child

McMillan, John (Muick) wife, Mary, Margaret, Catherin

McMillan, John ( Shanvall), wife, Alex, McKay and three children

McMillan, Katherin (Shanvall) Mary, Peggy, and one child

McMillan, Mary (Laddy) Catherin McLean

McPhee, Alex (Aberchalder) Alex, Catherin McAlpin, Mary, Margaret, Anny and one child
McPhee, Angus (Crieff), wife, and three children

McPhee, Donald (Aberchalder), wife, Annie Kennedy & Janet Marshall

McPherson, Murdoch (Noid, Badenoch)

McRae, Duncan (Glenshiel, Kintail)

McRae, Gilchrist (Lianish, Kintail)

Morrison, Norman (Glenelg)

Rankin, Alex (Carnach) wife and two children

Scot, Donald (Aberchalder) wife, Alex, Duncan, Janet, Mary and two children

Stewart, Alex (Fort Augustus) wife and one child (travelling with Donald Fraser family, above)

Stewart, John (Boline), Mary, Catherin

Wright, John (Ayrshire), 'a millwright'