Craig's 74 Mustang II Ghia

V8 Engine Installation.

These are pictures that I took after the engine was installed. Again you can see that the dark green was not the original colour. The first and second pictures show the engine installed from the front of the car. We took the fenders and nose cap of so not to damage anything. The third and forth pictures show the engine in with the DynoMax headers installed. We didn't have any clearence problems with either side. The fifth picture shows the headers from below. Note how tight they fit under the side rails, no hitting the ground with these. Note to make sure the pointed part of the flange is pointing up. The balance of the pictures show various parts of the engine and exhaust.

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com dot Engine Bay, front of car
com dot Engine Bay, P.S.
com dot Engine & Headers, D.S.
com dot Engine & Headers, P.S.
com dot Header Collectors & Cross Member
com dot Oil Pan & Sway Bar, D.S.
com dot Oil Pan & Sway Bar, P.S.
com dot Water Pump & Radiator (note: no belt driven fan)
com dot Header & Wheel Well
com dot Exhaust System from rear of car
com dot Collectors & Turbo Tubes
com dot Turbo Tubes & Mufflers

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