Craig's 74 Mustang II Ghia

Mustang II Ghia Spring, 1985.

74 Mustang II Ghia befor new paint and body work

These are pictures that I took before the bodywork was completed and painted. You can see that original colour was not dark green. It was Medium Lime yellow. When I do the body again, I might paint it back to the original colour. Pictures one through seven show the Ghia being prepared for the bodywork. I replaced the front fenders with fiberglass ones. I wished I had paid the extra to have the steel fenders fixed. The rear quarter panels were filled with bondo. There was alot of sandblasting, cutting and welding to replace the bondo areas.

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com dot Front of Car
com dot Rear of Car
com dot Front P.S., no fender
com dot Engine Bay, no fender
com dot D.S., new fender
com dot Front, new fenders
com dot D.S., new fender

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