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Version 1.8 (2014-07-26)

Michael R. Craymer
Copyright (c) 2014 Michael R. Craymer

cal2jd    Calendar date to Julian date
caldate   Calendar date to Julian date - old version
cct2clg   Geocentric cartesian cov matrix to local geodetic
clg2cct   Local geodetic cov matrix to geocentric cartesian
ct2lg     Geocentric cartesian coordinate diff. to local geodetic
deg2dms   Decimal degrees to degress-minutes-seconds
dg2lg     Geodetic (lat,long) coordinate diff. to local geodetic
direct    Direct geodetic problem (az,va,dist to coordinates)
dms2rad   Degrees-minutes-seconds to radians
doy2jd    Year & day of year to Julian date
ell2xyz   Ellipsoidal coordinates to geocentric cartesian
errell    Error ellipse parameters from cov matrix
gps2jd    GPS week and seconds of week to Julian date
inverse   Inverse geodetic problem (coordinates to az,va,dist)
jd2cal    Julian date to calendar date
jd2dow    Julian date to day of week
jd2doy    Julian date to year & day of year
jd2gps    Julian date to GPS week & seconds of week
jd2yr     Julian date to year and decimal year
juldate   Julian date to calendar date - old version
lg2ct     Local geodetic coordinate diff. to geocentric cartesian
lg2dg     Local geodetic coordinate diff. to geodetic (lat,long)
p2r       Polar to rectangular coordinates (3D)
pwr       Power (x^y) function
r2p       Rectangular to polar coordinates (3D)
rad2dms   Radians to degrees-minutes-seconds
randn     Normally distrubuted random numbers
randu     Uniformly distributed random numbers
refell    Parameters for selected reference ellipsoids
xyz2ell   Geocentric cartesian coordinates to ellipsoidal
yr2jd     Year and decimal year to Julian date

Dates     Program to convert between different date formats
DirInv    Example progam for direct and inverse problem

1996-10-19 Version 1.0, Released to public
1996-10-25 Version 1.1
           Corrected convergence test in xyz2ell
1996-10-29 Version 1.2
           Corrected selection of International ellipsoid
1999-01-08 Version 1.3
           Corrected juldate to refer to beginning of calendar day
1999-05-26 Replaced caldate & juldate with new set of date routines:
           cal2jd, doy2jd, gps2jd, jd2cal, jd2dow, jd2doy, jd2gps,
           jd2yr, yr2jd
           Added program Dates
2003-07-24 Version 1.4
           Corrected GPS week number to begin at 0 in gps2jd, jd2gps;
           Updated Dates with new gps2jd & jd2gps, corrected call to
           gps2jd in main, and removed input/output of GPS week
2008-01-15 Version 1.5
           Modified DirInv to output forward & reverse observations;
           Modified Dates to remove GPS week rollover computation
2010-10-17 Version 1.6
           Corrected lg2dg to declare variable t;
           Modified dms2rad & rad2dms to compute pi instead of using
           explicit value;
           Modified jd2cal to use intrinsic dble(a) in dy calculation
2013-11-13 Version 1.7
           Corrected caldate declaration of variable jalpha & added jd.
           Corrected deg2dms by replacing rad with deg in subroutine
           Corrected errell to use iloc for name of old loc function.
           Corrected jd2dow to use real*8 for 2nd argument in call to
           mod function.
           Corrected misspelling of randu variable in randu.
           Corrected Dates to use updated external routines and expanded
           ver for longer date format.
2014-07-26 Version 1.8
           Modified jd2gps to give total number of GPS weeks since
           1980.01.06 without rollovers
           Modified Dates.f to use gps2jd & jd2gps subroutines from