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Version 1.5 (2010-10-17)

Michael R. Craymer
Tel. 613-947-1829, Fax. 613-992-6628

locase.f    Converts char string to lower case
lower.f     Function version of locase.f
opnold.f    Prompts for, checks and opens existing files
opnnew.f    Prompts for, checks and opens new files
parse.f     Parses first word in char string and shifts string left
prmat.f     Prints a vectorized (column-wise) matrix in MATLAB format
second.f    Time since midnight
strtrim.f   Function version of trim.f
trim.f      Trims leading blanks from a char string
upcase.f    Converts car string to upper case
upper.f     Function version of upcase.f

96.07.07    Version 1.0, Released to public
96.08.31    Version 1.1
            Changed loc to iloc for HP Fortran in prmat.f
97.01.11    Version 1.2
            Renamed opnexist.f opnold.f
            Enhanced opnnew.f, opnold.f
99.10.06    Version 1.3
            Minor modification to error warnings in opnold.f, opnnew.f
            Minor editing of comments in most subroutines
03.04.10    Version 1.4
            Modified parse.f to use any specified delimiter character
            Added writerec to trim trailing blanks when writing a record
10.10.17    Version 1.5
            Modified writerec to remove unused variable cov