The Authors

Kyle Lemming

Program: 3A, Kinesiology (Neurobehavioural Assessment Option)

Home town: Meaford, Ontario - well actually just outside of Meaford, but not many people know where Meaford is, yet alone where St. Vincent Township. Of course I guess it is all Meaford township now thanks to restructuring, but hey, I'm not bitter, I'm just from the place formerly known as St. Vincent Township.

Favourite thing: nothing like a good ol' game of soccer

Future aspirations: To fool the dorsal visual system

Allison Kurahashi

Program: 3A, Honours Kinesiology Co-op

Hometown: Originally I was born in Vancouver, but was soon after moved out to Markham, Ontario where I went to Unionville High School - school of such famous people as: Hayden Christensen, Emanuel Sandhu, the girl from the blood donor commercials, that guy from Serial Joe, "Busy" from Ready or Not and other people from assorted YTV programs.

Favourite Thing: Strawberry daiquiri jelly-belly jelly beans

Future Aspiration:  Get into Orthopaedics....or teach scuba diving in Fiji

Melissa Knott
Program: 3A, Honours Kinesiology, Neurobehavioural Assessment Option

Hometown: Somewhere between Melbourne and Mt Brydges, ON

Favourite Thing: Country Music!!!

Future Aspiration: Become a Chiropractor or Orthotist/Prosthetist, and a 4H leader!

Sarah Vandendriessche

Program: I am currently in my 3A year of the Honours Co-op Kinesiology program at the University of Waterloo. 

Hometown: Originally I was born in Toronto but at the age of seven my parents moved me to a small town outside of Sudbury in Northern Ontario known as “Azilda” where my Mom grew up. 

Favourite Thing: I am completely and utterly obsessed with volleyball and everything about it.  I used to play varsity, but alas, co-op and school have taken over.  Its very hard to go from playing 3 hours a day.. to going “cold turkey” no pun intended J

Future Aspirations: I hope to one day cure cancer.. don’t we all ?  Basically I just want to do something that I will want to wake up to every morning.  Oh.. yeah.. and I want to do this “working” anywhere but in ONTARIO!

David Rosen

Program: I am in 3B of an Honours Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology at the University of Waterloo.

Hometown: I was born in Toronto Ontario and have lived there for my entire life.

Favourite things: HOCKEY… and sleeping.