The Universal Battery Holder (UBH)
from Spark Illuminations


What is it?

The UBH is a flashlight body which can accept several different flashlight heads, battery combinations and switches. The threading size is based on the E-series flashlight bodies from SureFire Flashlights, but it is compatible with several other lights as well.

What flashlight heads/bezels can you use?

There are several options available to use with the UBH:     SureFire

             (please click pictures for larger view)                              E1(E1e), E2(E2e or E2O), KL1, KL4

                                                                                                             SureFire E-series head  SureFire KL1 head UBH with SureFire KL4 head 

                                                                                       Arc Flashlights (now out of business)

                                                                                            Arc-LSL (std or premium), Arc-LSH (std or premium)

                                                                                                             Arc-LS head      

                                                                                        McGizmo lights

                                                                                            Aleph 1, 2 or 3


                                                                                                             McLux head   Full length McLux on UBH




What battery combinations can you use?


The UBH can use any of these sets of batteries:          1, 2 or 3 CR123 (lithium) cells

                                                                               1 or 2 AA-size cells (alkaline, rechargeable NiMH, NiCad, etc.)

                                                                               1 Pila 168S (rechargeable Lithium-Ion) cell

                                                                               1 or 2 Pila 150S (rechargeable Lithium-Ion) cells (depending on the head used)


3x CR123 cells   2 AA batteries

Pila 168S    2 Pila 150S Li-Ion cells



How can the UBH work with all of these different types and sizes of batteries?


The UBH comes as a kit, which contains several different spacers and adapters to fit the needs of the user. These spacers (dummy batteries) fill the space a battery would normally take, to keep up electrical continuity. These spacers consist of 5 pieces - a 1 x CR123-size, a 2 x CR123-size, a 1 x AA-cell size, an Arc button (lifts batteries to work with Arc-LS head), and an AA-adapter tube, which reduces the inside diameter of the UBH body from CR123-cell diameter to  AA-cell diameter, reducing battery rattle and ensuring the correct positioning of the cells).


UBH full set   UBH body only   UBH AA adapter tube   UBH 2x CR123 cell spacer

UBH 1x CR123 cell spacer
   UBH Arc button                                                                                                      



What switches does the UBH accept?


The UBH works with two different switches: the Surefire Z52 and Z57 switches. These are, respectively, the tactical switch (LOTC) and the clickie switch used on the Surefire E-series bodies. The switch from the Surefire L4 is the Z57, so it can also be used. There is a report that the UBH can work with McGizmo Aleph tailcaps, but I have not tested this, so I won't guarantee results. The UBH may need adjustment or modification to work with the Aleph tailcaps.

SureFire Z52    SureFire Z57

What finish does the UBH come in?

The UBH is made of aircraft-grade aluminum (grade 6061T6), and is finished in natural-colour Sanford process typeIII hard anodizing (aka HA3). This is mil-spec grade of finish, and is a subdued greyish colour. For absolute maximum weather resistance and all-around attractiveness, the UBH is also available in solid brass. This is unfinished, so it will gain a natural patina over time, or can be polished up to full brightness if the user desires.

 UBH in HA3-natural     UBH in solid brass

What else works with it?

The UBH is also compatible with the E2C (also made by Spark Illuminations). The E2C is an adapter to connect E-series-sized bodies with standard-sized Surefire bezels. These include the M2, D2, D3, C2, C3, 6P, 9P, and G2 incandescent bezels, and the KL5 LED bezel.

UBH and E2C adapter      UBH, E2C and M2    UBH, E2C and M2 head     UBH, E2C and M2 head front view

How much is the UBH? 

The UBH sells for $56.00US, including shipping to North America. For overseas shipping, the total is $57.00 US. This includes the full kit, which is comprised of the UBH body, upper and lower O-rings, plus all five spacers. 

The E2C is $31.00US shipped in NA, or $32.00US overseas.

What shipping method does Spark Illuminations use?

I use standard Airmail Small Packet service. This method delivers typically in 4-10 business days, but sometimes can have delays due to Customs, etc. Airmail does not provide a tracking number or insurance, but if you want to track/insure your package, I can upgrade the shipping method for an additional $10.00US. Generally, I have found that upgrading is not required, but I will be happy to work with you to use the shipping method you prefer. Shipping by other methods can also be arranged.

How to order the UBH:

I prefer to accept payments by Paypal (credit-card-funded accounts are OK),  but if you are unable or unwilling to use Paypal, I will accept International Money Orders. Please email me for my shipping address. Paypal can be sent to me at While making up the order, please fill out the text box with all of the items you are ordering, as I go by that when filling the order. For general inquiries, please email me at


Thank you very much for your interest in the Universal Battery Holder!