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About Us

Hi! from Ottawa, Canada's capital.

We're the Grade 4/5/6 P.G.L. students from St. Elizabeth School in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. P.G.L. stands for Program for Gifted Learners. There are about 400 students enrolled in the school. We don't go to the special program every day, only once a week. By the way, even though we go to a special program, we're just regular kids as anyone else. Most of the people in our classes are 9-11 year olds and we like to do basically anything any other girl or boy would like to do. We all like sports, TV, pizza, friends and just hanging out.

Our teacher, Ms Naujokaitis loves computers and the Internet. We do lots of online projects with her.

We come from many different schools and communities to St. Elizabeth one day a week. We are also known as the Pugglers. You won't find puggler in the dictionary. It's our own newly-coined word meaning a fighter with a gentle heart. That's our mascot - The Puggler! He looks rather vicious, but is really soft-hearted underneath. We stand up for human rights and for  PEACE. We care about our planet and our environment. We believe that working together we can make a difference  and create a better world. 


Puggler- our mascot


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